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Ray Krosby Impossible Card Magic

Nov 8, 2008
I'm wondering if I should get Ray Krosby's DVD. I will have no trouble with any technical stuff. Is it worth it?
Jan 18, 2009
i think raise rise, and venus flytrap are worth the price alone.
its such an incredible trick(both)

Raise Rise
One of the routines Ray is best known for is this visual ambitious card sequence where a signed selection is placed near the bottom of the deck so it sticks out half its length. All of a sudden it visually jumps to the middle, near the top, it becomes the top card and finally ends up on the bottom of the deck -- you will not believe your eyes.

Venus Fly Trap
Two queens are placed together face up in the deck so they are sticking out for half their length. A card is selected and placed face down protruding from the deck. In an instant the two queens seem to jump through the deck and encircle the selection.
Jul 21, 2008
I agree with everyone. In my opinion, the ambitious riser move is the hardest move that I've ever come across. I personally have the DVD and love it. I'd love it more if I could take the time to learn the AR move, but its just not worth it to me. I'd rather just do elevator or shifty. But it is a great DVD, but the ambitious riser will undoubtedly take some time to learn.
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