Razor Blade Illusion Trick

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    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy this and I would like to ask those who have performed this on stage, 1)Is the method good? 2)Is it worth the money? 3)How long did you take to do it smoothly? 4)Any DVD or books about this effect that can enhance the performance? Other tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I'm surprised no one has responded yet. I have the perfect routine for you.

    Urban Legend by Michael Paul is a complete stage routine. You not only learn the effect, but you get a custom made soundtrack with built in cues. You also get a full script.

    Check it out: http://www.thementalplayground.com/UrbanLegend.html
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    Thank you for the link, but can that effect be done with more razor blades, I feel that 2 blades are too few. What about "Razor Blade Illusion" by Dave Powell? Is it any good?
  4. This effect is designed to look as real as possible. So, if you were really doing this, would you stick 10-15 blades in and string them together, or would it be more believable if you were able to do a few.

    You also have to ask yourself, if you could do this, would you need a wooden apparatus?

    Trust me, 2 blades is not too few. Michael kills with this routine. This is as pure as it gets.

    I will post a link to an excerpt from Urban Legend shortly. Michael explains it best.
  5. I agree that sticking in too many blades is overkill, but I feel that 5-6 blades are fine. Nevertheless, I'll surely check out Urban Legends, thanks.

    Does anyone know any good offers for 'vest pocket razor blades'?

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