Razor blade swallow (cuts!)

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  1. Well i have been practising on the paul pottasy version of the razor blades it's WONDERFUL effect. The only thing is that I have cut myself very mildely but I would like to be able to prevent this before it gets worse. I don't know it this is a technique problem or maby my mouth is small for razors. I don't really like the idea of using non sharp blades because I like being able to show that every blade is sharp. Does anyone perform this particular version and can give me any advice? Also does anyone know how to make the necessary gimmick im thinking maby a drill could be used. Or maby doing the spool of thread the spool being a leather cone with thread wrapped around it. The patter being before they could produce plastic spools of thread they used leather or formed wood. Anyway starting a discussion about the effect would be fun thanck you.
  2. I am not familiar with Potassy's instructions, therefore I can't comment on whether he's teaching some important points that are necessary for doing the Razors safely. If you're cutting yourself, you're letting the blades slide too much. I can't go into more detail than that, as there are several products on the market still that teach this, and I wouldn't want to impose.

    The resource I recommend is Helter Shelter by Bizarro. There's also a good bit in The Geek Magician's Cookbook by Matthew Parrot.
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