Razor Blade Swallowing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Shadow, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Greetings. I am interested in getting into some razorblade swallowing. Like the sort of stuff Houdini used to do when he moved from needles to blades. And I was wondering if anybody can recommend and books/DVD's that I can learn this sort of effect from? I would be most grateful if someone could help me out.

  2. I would recommend the DVD "Helter Shelter" by Bizzaro. Its a great movie, teaching you every aspect of the illusion, plus as an added bonus it's filmed in the mysterious 13th Street Morgue Haunted House. :D

    Two plugs at once, looky there. You are welcome Bizzaro and Alex. lol jk
  3. I would check out dan sperrys official website and check out his products. He has a razor blade swallowing I believe and trust me when I say he is one of the most cautious out there. So you can trust the safety of the teaching he does, and he a great guy so you can't go wrong.
  4. Plus you get some of Dan's awesome sense of humor, which is worth it alone.
  5. Yeahh I found the Helter one but wasn't sure how good it was.

    And I wasn't aware Sperry had one! He's one of my favourite magicians and yeah his sence of humor is amazing xD

    Yeah I know how saftey conscious he is after purchasing Cookie Cutter ahah.

    Cheers for the feedback guys (Y)
  6. Okay since we are on the topic of swallowing stuff, can you recommend from where can I learn the needle swallowing effect, the one that Teller did in China ( youtube it ) where you swallow some needles then a piece of thread and all the needles are threaded !
  7. Paul Potassy's routine can be found from his L&L DVD set. Easily the best version I've ever seen. Where others do the trick with 3 or 5 blades, Potassy does it with 30.
  8. 30 seems to be overkill for me personally, swallowing so many would seem to be boring. I'm sure it's cool as hell to watch but I would prefer the 5 anyday in a performance.
  9. It may seem like a lot but its really a bareable performance, but yes I prefer five blades. Some of the best things on razors out there that I have personally tried are the following:

    Vest pocket Razor blades

    Incredibly safe to perform ie uses dull blades. But just like a smash and stab there is room for human error.

    Tim ellis's razor blade routine
    Safer and requires no stands or holders, and I really like the way he makes the blades Safe, yet be able to cut card stock.

    The more dangerous but equally as effective blade routines:

    Mug ditch
    Blades hidden in plain sight

    Both taught on "Helter shelter" Bizzaro and no those aren't technical terms but its how I remember them. Bizarro uses sharp blades in both, but I do not recommend doing that if you are new. Also personally I would purchase Bizzaro's DVD and Ellis's routine. The more ways you know how to do an effect the more of a guerrilla platform performer you will be.

    Then of course there are the stands and what not you can buy, but I do not see the point in them.
  10. Volume four of the tarbel course in magic.
  11. I have searched tarbel and have not been able to find this effect being taught. Either way if it uses a napkin and something secret, its taught on Helter shelter. I know my blades better then I know my family....... err I mean I love my family I can name all the branches hehehehe! *slinks out*
  12. John Riggs has a version of it that has no switch's or anything. You can check his site out.

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