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    Holy crap!!! This really scares me. This will DESTROY people.


    Is there a gimmick involved?


    Is it challenging sleight-wise?

    Can the spectator see the pips move and then feel them right after, without it being put near the deck? IE shake it, pips, and then hold it out?

    Can it be done with any other card?

    When do the numbers change? After the pips, but is it like you flick the corner of the card and the number changes?

    Lastly: What's that song, and wear can i get it? it's AWESOME!
  2. wooooo, take it easy there.
    I'll try to help answer some questions but I must say that I don't own the effect.....yet.

    This is what Im pretty sure is right.

    Gimmick involved - almost definitely(the pips move)

    Angels - I don't know how good the angels are, watch the video, Wayne is surrounded, so I'm guessing it's good. He is holding the back of the card directly down though.

    Challenging - Every trick takes time and dedication to learn and perfect.

    Pips moving - My guess would have to be yes they can see the pips move, but to feel them to make sure their attached to the card right away, I don't know.

    Any card? - In the details to the right of the video, it made it sound like the cards were chosen randomly but I'm not sure.

    I haven't seen the numbers change in the clip so I'm not too sure on that.

    As for the song, I don't know but it sounds sick doesn't it.

    I know much of these answers don't help, but would you rather have an empty thread? So at least I tried.
  3. Is there a gimmick involved?
    I am sure there is a gimmick

    I don't know but if you hold the card facing up I think you can do it surrounded

    Can it be done with any other card?
    Edit if this is exposure, but I'm almost sure that you need a force... that's a trick, not a miracle :p

    Hope it helped

  4. All right guys, thanks for the replies. This looks like a nice effect.

    Angle-wise, I watched the video again and it doesn't look like he's totally surrounded. When he holds the card up, sticking up from the deck there is noone behind him.
  5. I think when he holds the card out he ****** the ***** so that he *****. I am eating a ***** ***
  6. ya i think you will always have to use the six and four of diamonds. like ancientghost said im sure its a force also

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