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  1. I just have to share this with you guys. If you don't have Through & Through by Dan Hauss, then I suggest you get it.

    I began performing this a week ago. I have only done it 6 times since practicing it twice at home. I did it today for a crowd of about 12 and it went very well.

    The effect KILLS! There is a time and a place to perform it of course. However when that time comes, you will get some amazing reactions. This is great piece to have when you want to do something different. It is always nice to break away from the cards and coins once in a while.

    I would say this is for the experienced performer, mainly because you have to know when to do it and when not to do it. Timing is key to this effect. Another important detail to know, is that once you perform the effect, you can't really transition into another one. You want to perform it, get your reactions and then walk away.

    Leave them speachless.

    Thanks for reading...

  2. This is something I was planning to purchase in the future. Looks awesome.

  3. Well this effect looks great...well I wouldn't really call it an effect but more of a tutorial because it's real...but it seems a bit too dangerous for me. I think I'll pass this one.
  4. You should purchase it, its well worth it.

  5. You're right, its real, no effect. I understand your concern though. My girlfriend gets very upset everytime I perform it. She thinks it is very dangerous.

    I was actually nervous about trying it and then did a little research about your hand, nerves, etc. There is hardly any risk at all, and Dan goes through the details you need to perform ir correctly. Great teaching.

  6. but why would we buy this like an honest question all you do is stick an accupuntre needle through your hand what explanation is needed? also how is this a trick at all they can grab a needle and do the same thing themself it gets reactions but only because people are thinking WTF is wrong with him why is he putting a needle through his hand

    please clear that up for me i sorta want to buy it but at the same time i know how it works and think for what it is it is not practical
  7. You cant stick the needle wherever the hell you want on your hand.Youd f#@k it up thinking like that.
    You have to know the exact spot so as to not hit any core nerves
  8. Your kidding?
    That's like saying all you do is a double lift, they can grab a deck of cards and do the same thing themselves. (I think that's what it's like, at least).

    There doesn't need to be another 'method' for something to be impressive, when I see a fire-eater I don't think "WTF is wrong with him why is he eating fire". It gets reactions because it's impressive, shocking and... yea maybe what you said too :)

    How is it not practical? All you need is to carry around the needle and knowledge of how to do it right, after that it's anytime anywhere. Unless you mean something else by 'practical', putting it into a routine, maybe?
    In that case don't just do a bunch of card tricks and them pull this one out of the blue. Let them know somehow sort of what to expect. :cool:
  9. Trust me, it is impressive. Mostly because of the shock factor. I think we as magicians take demonstrations like this for granted. We are used to knowing a method/secret and that in itself is a thrill. There is no secret to this. Just the knowledge of how to perform it. There is a very specific way to perform it and it is covered in detail on the DVD. You can't just grab a needle and stick it through your hand.

    The shock factor is equivalent to a person who hangs themselves on hooks through their skin. Now i'm not saying its that hard or anything, but the thoughts that go through a spectators mind are about the same. Of course, some people might look at that and say "What an idiot, he is a moron.", etc. But that's just the nature of our art. Not everyone is going to like it or appreciate it. Just like not everyone likes magic. Sad but true.

    This is just one of those things that you guys have to try in order to truly appreciate it. I do understand that it's not for everyone.

  10. ***Another Important Note***

    I actually work for a large medical clinic in town.

    I first tested this out on my coworkers during lunch. There were a large group of us together in the breakroom. Nurses and one doctor were present.

    When I performed it, I got great reactions. They couldn't believe what I was doing and assumed that I was deep in meditation during the performance.

    After I was done, I got some feedback from a few close friends at work. These people are nurses and they thought I was nuts. They said there is noway in hell they would try anything like that. They were very impressed that I was able to do it though.

    Don't take this performance for granted, it will leave them remembering you always.

  11. .... Wait.... What.... I mean... WHAT?!.... Whoah whoah whoah whoah. Hold on there a second. Am I buying a magic DVD or a DVD that actually teaches me how to stab my hand with a needle and not get hurt?....

  12. You didn't get the memo sinful? :p
  13. I would also like to add that at papercrane's website for anyone interested in getting it, it is currently 50% off the dvd only 12.45
  14. Im thinking your being sarcastic but...
    ever since it came out its all anyone has been talking about.
    That its "fo reals"
  15. In case you didn't get that...

    It's real. You're getting a DVD that teaches you how to stick a needle through your hand in exactly the right place so that you don't cause permanent damage to the nerves in your hand. No trick here.
  16. I don't think the sales are going very well on this effect, that is probably why it is marked "half off" on the site.
  17. actually most of the dvd items are marked 50% off on the site, it's some summer sale

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