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  1. What kinds of reactions do you get when you perform coin magic?

    I am reading Bobo's Coin Magic right now and wondering what kind of reactions to look for. I actually started in magic about 5 years ago with Michael Ammar's Intro to Coin Magic video, but then got hooked on cards. I love the reactions I get from cards and I've asked about reactions here because I can't seem to get the same reactions from my (very) limited coin work.

    Also, are there any DVD's I should get? I've got In the Beginning There Were Coins and that's it.
  2. You can get all sorts of reactions, just like any other kind of magic. I've had some of my best reactions ever from coin magic.

    There's no shortage of DVDs - David Roth's Expert Coin Magic - Made Easy, or his Stars of Magic DVDs are well worth the money, as is his book, Expert Coin Magic. Eric Jones' An Extension Of Me and Mirage Et Trois might take a bit of work to master, but it's a great routine. The book Coinmagic has a lot of great stuff, the New York Coin Magic Seminar DVDs are good as well.
  3. The coin effects which get me the best reactions are:

    Changing a half dollar to a jumbo coin.
    Vanishing a coin and producing from behind a kids ear - thats always fun to do =P
    Making the coin "fall up", then proceed to make the coin appear on top of someones hand and then shoulder.

    The Dvd I recommend is always David Stone's basic coin magic Vol 1 & 2, its what got me started. He teaches very practical routines and all the coin basics well, watching him helps you so much with your timing!
    I don't have any of David Roth's or Eric Jones' material so I can't comment too much on them, but from what I've heard they are good.

    Ill admit though it does take a while before you get good reactions from coin magic (well it did for me!), you just need some patience and keep practicing!
  4. Eric Jones Metal DVD...
  5. The muscle pass does get a great reaction
  6. I puke rainbows.
    Best reactions ever.
  7. Would you mind telling me how to do that?
  8. I think i'm gonna have to go come up with a way to do that. Thanks!
  9. Thumb Tip hahaha

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