Real Magic Store in Vegas?

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  1. As a kid, when I first developed an interest in Magic, I lived in a small mountain town in Colorado. I was lucky as I got to spend a few weeks every summer with my Grandparents in the 'big' city of Denver, Colorado. Over time I found two "good" magic stores where I could shop for magic tricks, usually the owners would demonstrate the tricks, it was a boys dream come true. For many years, I saved every dime I could earn, shoveling snow, gathering pop bottles, washing dishes, etc. for my summer trip to Denver. Those early years got me hooked on magic and going to magic stores and shows.

    As I got back into magic a few years ago, I naturally began to search for magic stores in my area. I only found one, it is located in Wichita, Kansas. They put out a good catalog and have an online store and I have purchased a few tricks and props from them. Recently, I traveled down to visit the store on a Saturday. Their website indicated they were open on Saturday at 1pm. I called to make sure, but no one answered. I decided to go to the store anyway. They were closed.

    Obviously, Magic Stores are slowly disappearing do to internet pressure. Yet I still find a need to visually inspect, touch and hold a trick or prop before I spend money for it, especially those that are fairly expensive. As many have mentioned on this website, we all have a drawer full of tricks that we wish we had not purchased. Seeing them, in most cases, would have avoided this waste of money for me.

    Luckily, I am going to Las Vegas and I wonder if anyone of you can tell me where I can find a true magic store. The internet indicates that in Vegas there are lots of 'magic stores', but I fear they are more 'trash and trinkets' than true Magic Stores! I hate going into a magic store that has one wall of magic and the rest is T & T!

    Can any one recommend a store in Las Vegas that is all about MAGIC?
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  2. I don't live in Vegas so I can't really help there but I'd just like to point out that not all "true" magic stores are exclusively magic anymore. The closest magic store to me is "Grand Illusions". The owner, Steve, is very passionate about magic and I would definitely consider it a true magic store yet, about 70% of the store is actually centered around costume rentals. Like you said, brick and mortar magic stores are disappearing, so a lot of them need to sell other things like "trash and trinkets" to stay in business as magic is sort of a niche market. And I'm sure the same applies in Vegas.
    Although I do know what you mean about the "magic" stores. There's one called "Houdini's" on Pier 39 in San Fran that's basically a tourist trap. They're just trying to make money and don't care whether the people buying tricks will be able to perform them well or even at all.
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  3. Thanks for the comments. I get what you are saying, but the store in Wichita appears to actually be a true old style magic store. Last Saturday, when I was at the front door, I could see in the warehouse and entrance. The inventory I saw was all magic, including some 'professional illusions'.... They have been their for a very long while. They apparently had some damage do to a wind and rain storm so they were cleaning up when I showed up. I will report when I actually get in the store...
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  4. "Top hat and wand" is great. found some interesting stuff there!
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  5. The Las Vegas Magic Shop in the Stratosphere Hotel is pretty awesome.
    I met with the owner earlier this year, he was really helpful.
    Most shops seem to lure you in and try to force you to buy the "Spinning Card" lol
    This shop is quite different. He seemed genuinely interested in what I like in magic and if I was worried about buying a product in terms of quality, he opened one to show me.
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  6. Thanks all for comments and recommendations, I will comment on any stores I visit upon my return.
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  7. Have a great trip dude!!
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  8. Definitely try and find the secret pizza place in the Cosmopolitan!
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  9. I can't remember what it was called, but there was a great one in one of the hotels (I spent about 5 hours wandering through hotels getting lost to explore). Could be the one CWhite mentioned. Let us know what you find.

    T11 is based in Vegas is it not? Do they do any kind of tours or events?

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