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  1. Hey y'all I don't think I'm alone when I say that I am highly skeptical of any claims of psychic ability and that thus far it has been shown to be a complete fiction.

    I found this from 2004 where the military put $7 million into a research project involving psychic teleportation. It's almost comical but well documented.
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  2. I knew you were going to post that.
  3. To be fair most of that study jas to do with theoretically real things like quantum teleportation. But yeah... And of course psychics are nonsense.
  4. The amount of crackpot science used poisons the well pretty badly. The psychic stuff in the paper is not theoretical. The author is claiming that there is credible evidence for this phenomena and is asking for more money to study it further.

    Here's where he references a specific time when Uri Geller was able to teleport an object with his mind in a lab:
    "One of the more interesting examples of controlled experiments with Uri Geller was one in which he was able to cause a part of a vanadium carbide crystal to vanish (Hasted et al., 1975). The crystal was encapsulated so it could not be touched, and it was placed in such a way that it could not be switched with another crystal by sleight of hand."

    Then there's this bit of "credible" UFO abductions:
    "There are also a small number of credible reports of individuals who reported being teleported to/from UFOs during a UFO close encounter, which were scientifically investigated (Vallee, 1988, 1990, 1997)."

    I loved the attempt at an explanation of psychic teleportation:
    "(This) can simply be explained as a human consciousness phenomenon that somehow acts to move or rotate test specimens through a 4th spatial dimension, so that the specimens are able to penetrate the solid walls/barriers of their containers without physically breaching them. "

    Then they ask for money for more research on psychic phenomena:
    "An experimental program similar in fashion to the Remote Viewing program should be funded at $900,000 – 1,000,000 per year in parallel with a theoretical program funded at $500,000 per year for an initial five-year duration."
  5. Yeah anything involving Url Geller should make you run like hell in the other direction. The funny thing is hes openly given blurbs for various magic products before you'd think that wpuld tip people off if they did any real research into him.
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