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  1. I know that people are obsessed with Porpers. I don't own one, but I honestly can't see how they would be different than any other card clip. It's a hard casing that just presses your deck. I assume any other clip or putting something heavy on top of you deck would do the exact same job. Well... as you all probably know, E has stainless steel clips for about 17 bucks each.

    Well... I've seen these on Penguin and have overlooked them until a few days ago I actually really noticed these. These are pretty much the exact same thing just without the engraving :) Pick up 1 for just 5 bucks! Or.... get 3 for the price of 1 E stainless steel clip (with some change)! OR..... get 6 for the price of 1 Porper. :) The steel clips are out of stock right now, but the next time I get something from Penguin, I'm so gonna get 1 or 2 of these. Plus, Penguin has free shipping for orders over 20 bucks as most of you know. Just thought I would pass these on to everyone.

  2. WOOWOWOW!!! thats really cheap goddamn!!!!
  3. have you seen the one from dan and dave 35 bucks!
  4. Have you ever handled a real Porper!
  5. The Penguin one looks really cheap quality... cause there doesnt seem to be any pressure on the deck to keep it flat
    Even The E one has some amount of pressure, but both of these bend out of shape ... Porper is the way to go.
  6. Really? Did you read reviews? "I got one as a bonus and I couldn't believe how great it was. Other sites advetise them at up to . At first they're a little too tight but just bend it a little and it is perfect. If they're in stock get a bunch!"

    There isn't one bad review for this. My masters card clip was like that, it was too tight that I had to bend it outward a little bit. It's just simply stainless steel that will put a bunch of pressure on your cards. I would assume Porpers do the exact same thing, but from a different material. 5 dollars for a clip that is great quality... you can't go wrong.

  7. dude, I have the penguin card guards, they're really good and do just what they're supose to do... I highly recomend them...
  8. i ve got 3 of them and they are working fine. They do what a card clip is supposed to do. I also have one of ellussionist's guard (ghost), it sure looks nicer and also of better quality but they have the same results
  9. My Bad lol.... Just promoting Porpers
  10. Porper clips are expensive for a reason, and the Porper name has nothing to do with it. I'm usually all for the less expensive alternative, but this really is a case of comparing apples and oranges.

    Porper clips aren't just designed to prevent damage to your cards, they're actually a card press.

    The Porper clips start out as a solid block of aluminum, and are milled into the shape of a card clip. The result is that they're extremely rigid, and will barely accept a deck of cards; meaning that they actually press the cards together to keep them straight, and to prevent them from warping in less than ideal conditions (inside your pocket, for instance), where normally a deck of cards would become warped, or get the pops. The downside is that there is much more wasted material, and much more labor involved, hence the price.

    The card clips that you can get for $5 are made from stamped sheets of aluminum, and are bent into the shape that they arrive in; which means that they will NOT press your cards, and will only prevent them from damage.

    Personally, I prefer the old porper clips.
  11. I have these stainless steel ones. they are good. Very good. but I don;t have a porper, but I do know that they are much different. But Mine's engraved :D
  12. I've had cheap card guards and all they did was help protect them. I bought a poper about five years ago at LVMI. Since then its the only thing I've used. Mine is an older edition that i'm sure many don't have anymore and it is still working great.
  13. Sinful & Majicman92, you guys mean to tell me that you JUST NOW REALISED that ellusionist had these card guards? that's a "wowowowow goddamn" to me :p
  14. Read my whole post. ;) I've always known they had these. I'm talking about card guards that PENGUIN has. :D

  15. touche :) (word count)
  16. Sounds good. Thanks.
    I only recomend that you know what you are buying before you get it to avoid a situation where it actually turns out to be worse than what you though. Because, I'm sure as all of you know, sites can easily rip you off. But anyway it sounds good. Good luck.
  17. Deal on Porpers

    Hey guys...

    I was looking for a cheap Porper clip and the best one I found was at:

    Best deal I have seen on them yet for people who have it in stock.

    Just wanted to give a heads up for those who like to save money every now and then.


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