Recent Decks worth the hype?

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  1. What are your thoughts on these recently released decks and some of the ones that are going to be released? Worth the hype?

    Mint 2
    Planet series
    Maduro by Jackson Robinson
    Carne Griffiths deck
    1st by Chris Ramsay
    Fibs (all 4 versions)
    Charlie deck by Madison
  2. I'm very critical. So...

    Looks like the rest of the mints TBH

    IDK anything about the next 3
    Absolute trash. I was really hyped. When he announced it I clicked the video, and was ready to hit add to cart... then he showed what they look like.. They just look every other deck ever with Chris's logo unnecessary added. Gold foil was the dumbest gimmick I've ever heard. I was so disappointed, and lets be honest the only reason any where sold was because the name attached to them. That is NOT a good thing.

    IDk what a fib is.

    Looked as physically bland as possible. Nothing new in the slightest. But they were thicker than molasses on a Sunday morning.(yes, I'm from Alabama)

    These look pretty neat. I like the logo, but once again the originality doesn't really exist at all.

    So yeah. That is just me. My opinion of playing cards are REALLY Un-popular.
    For reference here are some favorites;
    Favorite THEORY 11 deck: UNION
    fav Madison: Kittens ( I AM serious. I love them)
    Fav deck: Steeplechase by Penguin magic

    Least favorite: possibly White lions. Idk they just look so BLAND.

    So yeah I should probably go into hiding now.
  3. the fibs were a kickstarter from the LVcardisty company. They mimic the design and famous math equation the "Fibonacci Sequence" 0,1,1,2,3,5,8 etc.... when graphed out its a perfect spiral like a conch shell... they did 1123 decks of each color and did 2 100 deck versions.. so collectively the have 4 decks and less than 2500 total decks are printed which will make them hopefully desirable

    Did you get the madisonist cards? Im still waiting on them to be shipped... I emailed madison and havent heard back yet...

    but i agree with some of your thoughts on the decks... the past few Madison decks haven't been any big deal.. the hellion series (saints martyrs and confessions )are a cool series as a whole... i like the logo he has/had.. but the minimalist style he has is frustratingly simple. I wish he would make his cards more unique rather than just using standard pips and card faces. (excluding the king of diamonds) I'm a collector of decks so the handling aspect does not concern me what so ever.
  4. Good point as he put Criss Angel's Mindfreak deck (a shit deck btw) on blast in one of his videos for having his CA logo on the back.

    My favorite deck is the Ghost Deck by Ellusionist.
    Also my Gold deck I got in Vegas.. it looks amazing. lol
  5. No. I write The Wand Street Journal, And my biggest article was about Madisonist, and its poor shipping. So i talked to some people who have received it.
    That sounds pretty interesting...
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  6. "Hype" is what gets people to buy cards. Flashy cardistry in the trailer, HD camera shots .....etc

    "Worth" is what you are willing to pay for the product.

    In the end. It's all just paper. 99% of what is out there is made the same exact way with the same exact materials. Each of the design houses is doing their best to get your money with hype, but only you can decide worth and how to spend your money.

    In the end, always buy what YOU like. Forget the cardistry and the flashy trailer with skateboards ...

    Look at the back design
    The tuck case
    The court cards

    Do you like 100% of it? If not .... don't get it.

    (oh and if it's Made in China, or it says PRC on it - don't get it)

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