Recipe for a T11 contest video or "whats wrong with flourishing today"

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by trashmanf, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Well, first of all let me say it was a really great idea to have this contest, and it made a bunch of great videos get produced. so thank you to dan and dave (DBsquared) and t11 for sponsoring it and providing the bandwidth.

    that said, after I watched the top rated videos (virts, Jaspas, bowen, wornsilver - these guys vids KICK BUTT!!!! 5/5 all the way), I was very disappointed in the rest of the entries.

    I have just watched 20 of these lesser-rated videos in a row and was totally dejected by the complete lack of originality. for anyone wondering if they should watch ALL the videos, this is a brief summary of the contents of 80% of them:

    some two-handed cuts by Daren or DBsquared
    then a carnahan fan
    one or two phases of the Jackson 5 (always Leno cut, usually Sybilism too)
    then do a snap change or a jones change, or both
    and finish with a couple more cuts by DBsquared

    This contest was supposed to be focused on originality and it was totally lacking from almost ALL of the entries. I have seriously just watched more than half the videos and I saw about 1,000 cuts but NOT A SINGLE ARMSPREAD. There was the occasional spring or pressure fan but those were few and far between. only one video had any perching.

    so, this contest has really pointed out the utter lack of originality coming from our n00bs , and I think that any of you guys that are just doing Dan and Dave material need to branch out and either learn some stuff from other sources, or make up something yourself.

    and by make up something I don't mean do a WERM with an extra packet or a different direction of rotation. The reason card manipulation is so great is that the cards themselves have many dynamic properties, allowing springs and spreads and fans and perching and card shooting and all SORTS of fun stuff! When you guys are just transposing two or more halfs of the deck, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, they might as well be blocks of wood.

    in conclusion, dearest n00b, only YOUR unique imagination has the key to unlock the moves that use the dynamic properties of the cards. Learn this and you will reach your true potential and get a 5/5.

    otherwise you will forever be the equivalent of a "cover band". thanks for listening.
  2. Well said! I made the same observation and it was really disappointing to see only a few videos which really were creative and worth winning. (BTW: You forgot to mention Allan & Chris, which rock as hell!)

    Since trash made such a big comment, I've got nothing to add. Cheers.
  3. u are right man.. I have a question who will decide the winner? the ratings or T11 crew will decide by themselves?... of course we know that the first prize will be for the virts :p
  4. The winner of the contest will solely be determined by a panel of judges/artists.

  5. Something else I noticed as well, usually in the videos on the bad end of the spectrum - STOP PICKING UP DECKS OF CARDS OFF THE FLOOR. Who the hell actually does that in real life? It is possibly one of the most irritating things I have ever seen in any video online ever. It was probably slightly interesting the first time someone did it in a video, but it's just been regurgitated so many times it's turned into "hmm what can I do to waste 30 seconds of people's lives... I know, some pointless shots of me picking a deck of cards up off the floor!" Jesus.

    Ok I got a bit carried away. Sorry :p
  6. yea i guess ur right. i should try something different then. And those top submissions, congrats to you:)
  7. Thank you for posting this Trash, alot of this needed to be said, actually I was doing the same as you, going through the lower rated vids.

    P.S. Trash you deserve the right to be included in my Sig, therefore I will.:p
  8. You r 100% right!! I thought I was the only one that thought so. People r just doin the same thing over and over and over again. It honestly throws me off watching these amateurs not only doin the same things but also doin them badly.
  9. Why are we dissing people's videos? People put hard work into them, and I think they deserve some credit for entering. First of all, originality doesn't only come in flourishing. It comes in the film making, editing, setting, location, costumes. People are rating the videos on the skills of the flourishing, but I think skill has nothing to do with the contest. It has to do with showing what YOU CAN DO. If they don't have much flourishing skill, then they should be judged on what they know.

    Many people don't have the equipment to do many of those things, but they TRIED, and I think that's what really matters. They put effort into their videos and I recognize each video as a job well done. If you can't see that, then I believe you're either jealous because you don't have a video in the contest, or you're just plain mean.

    Good job on ALL the videos everyone.

  10. I agree with both the forum starter and Mitchell.
    Some of the videos were really good, some... not so good.
    Normally I would say "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game."
    Except that in this case the "game" is worth several hundred dollars and priceless sentimentally.
  11. From the start I had an initial thought in my head that this Contest was gonna be pretty lopsided. And I believe it turned out being pretty true. I knew if any one of our, by that I mean DN or DnD members, big name guys entered that they would probably have this in the bag. I mean 4 of the top 5 where from DN/DnD.

    Not saying that the others should not have entered because they damn sure have the right to. But I doubt that anyone would have predicted an upset over the Virts/Jaspas/Allan&Chris/Steve.

    Not trying to be "mean", just voicing my opinion, loudly.
  12. Thank you mitchel some kids like me try hard to win a contest just so we maybe have a chance. Some of us don't have the fancy editing software and the amazing cameras and the Jerrys. But we put our best stuff in the videos and we try hard so don't say things people work hard maybe they aren't the best and I'm sure they realize that as I did but at least appreciate their effort and if you can't do that then just keep your comments to yourself,
  13. Thank you ,
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    dude, you do not need fancy software, amazing cameras, or freakin Jerrys freakin Nuggets. All you need is a deck of cards and a brain capable of original thought.

    okay, and a high speed internet connection. :p

    I mean honestly, if you went to a 5 day rock concert to see a whole bunch of indie bands or something, what would you think if every single band just started slowly, BADLY, playing "Led Zepplin" cover songs. You'd probably get sick of it pretty quick. Plus you would wish that it was actually Led Zepplin you were watching, because they play the songs much better. Then you'd probably have to pay $5 for a bottle of water, and that would suck too. I think I'm getting off track but you get the point. I hope...
  15. Once again, originality doesn't just come from a deck of cards. Try taking a few film classes.

    Secondly, I went to see the Musical Box, a Genesis tribute band. Better performance than Genesis themselves. I'd go see it again, and I won't get tired of it.

    EDIT: You're treating the top videos as if they have already won. Wait until next week, and we'll see what the TRUE verdict is.

  16. Thanks for including me in the "no originality group".

    Hey man, people are at all different skill levels, you have to start somewhere, and I don't think anyone started by making they're own cuts, they learn other peoples.

    That being said, a lot of the people here are at the same stage of learning, so yea they do a lot of similar things. There's reasons people do cuts after cuts rather than spend time doing "xcm" or the armspreads, etc.. its because cuts are more fun at that level, where experimenting is hard and you're fingers can't just do what you want.

  17. Pfft I can't believe noone thought fiddinlingsteve's vid was good, I thought it was great and had original stuff there.
    Anyways, I knew it was going to happen, I was hopping to see some creative stuff but all I see is the same old flourishing videos...
    I had a great idea for this, but I needed a camera(only own a webcam...) and the time for it. Virts were great, but I don't see them as 1st place.
  18. CRAP! I knew I forgot something.
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    I think its pretty **** to be dissin these dudes vids. like mitchell said trash you call these people noobs well wheres your video at? At least they acually took the time and effort to submit a video. Until I see your video in the top 5 I dont think you should be callin anyone a noob.
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    Do you have any right to say something like that? Did you go out in the pouring rain? Did you spend hours editing it until it was perfect?

    You have absolutely no right to judge anyone. I have no respect for you. Get a life, and learn how to treat other people. You disguist me.
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