recommend me some card magic books, but..

im interested on card magic about almost 10 years from now..
i need to make my skill even further so i need a source that can take me more better.

i like more standing card magic, no need table maybe use spectator hand to handle it..
more modern handling and more flourishes..
so i need a book which understandable and more picture to go through explanation.

if there any DVD who you guys can tell me just go ahead.

(ps: i have paper engine by aaron fisher and most of dan and dave book, pdf and DVds so i hope you can recommend me another magician)

thanks before:D
Sep 20, 2009
Richard Kaufman: the secrets of Bro John Hamman

The Collected Of Works Alex Elmsley Vol 1 and Vol 2

Classic Magic Of Larry Jennings

Guy Hollingworth Drawing Room Deceptions

Card Control - Jerry Andrus

Andrus Deals You In - Jerry Andrus

John Bannon Has Some Quality Work

Many May More Indeed...
Apr 1, 2009
One of the greatest books I have read on the subject to date is The Card Magic of Le Paul. It is a must for anyone seeking real skill in the art. And of course there are the other classics, but I like putting this one out there because of my devotion to it.

Send me a pm and I will let you in on my secret weapon if you aren't already aware of it.
Sep 5, 2007
Decatur, GA
If you want stand-up card work (no table or surface work) then "Drawing Room Deceptions" is right up your ally. "By Forces Unseen" is another great book with tons of ideas to learn and build from. Hugard's "Card Manipulations" is great and available from Dover Publishing for cheap.

Jul 25, 2009
Boone, NC
I would suggest "totally out of control" by Chris Kenner. Or any book by him
His effects are very stunning and entertaining.
I would also suggest ANYTHING by jay sankey. His effects are so easy to learn and pack such a punch that anyone from a begginer to an advanced magi would love.
Feb 4, 2008
The Lee Asher Booklet's are great source material and some of his techniques have helped influence the "modern" wave of flourishy card magic. Also he has a lot of great PDF downloads on some of his techniques(Diving Board Double, Thunderbird, Losing Control)

For modern passwork I highly recommend Aaron Fisher's The Paper Engine.

Daniel Madison just came out with a book that is a compilation of all of his booklets. I don't have it yet but from what I have heard it has a ton of excellent material in it.

Ken Krenzel is another one who has inspired lots of modern card magic

One of my personal favorites is Earnest Earicks "By Forces Unseen" but it does have a lot of tabled magic in it and you said you really were not into that. Still, a lot of his sleight of hand is applicable for in hands magic.

Zach Lambert

There are honestly just too many to list....

Your best bet is to just randomly pick up a book on the art from a magic shop and hope there is good material inside...

I recommend
Jul 13, 2010
Ken Krenzel is another one who has inspired lots of modern card magic
Great magician. The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel (although not written by himself) is such a good book, highly recommended.

Also recommended: 'One degree' by John Guastaferro. It´s a must-have and offers what you want. Modern handlings, effects that happen in the spectator´s hand, some nice sleights and flourishes.
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