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  1. Hello there (again).
    First off all I wanted to say sorry about my last thread. I was revealing the method too much. Anyways this time around I wanted to ask more indirectly. I have a effect ( not created by me ).
    It's a type of ACAAN and I need a force to make the ACAAN possible. So are there any forces that don't matter on the position (like the riffle force) but more so on the cards them selves (classic force)?

    Hopefully this is alright and everyone stay home and stay safe!
  2. I'm a little confused as to what you mean by "it relies on the cards themselves". Could you elaborate?
  3. I mean like a force that doesn't rely on a force card to be in a specific position more so that you switch a random card for the force card.
  4. Sure, just use a One Way Forcing deck. Another option is a Mastermind deck.

    Search for both of them at Penguin Magic - you'll find them easily.
  5. Well I cannot use that. Because I have to have all the cards as options. It kinda relies on the what the spectator says.
  6. Since I'm able to see your prior post that I deleted (because your question exposed part of the method), I have a better idea of what you are asking.

    First off, any force of the top card would work for your purposes - riffle, slip, classic, under spread, etc.

    If you want to deal cards, your options are a second deal (dealing other than the force card) or a bottom deal (dealing the force card). You also could have the force card on the bottom of the deck and use a glide if you want to deal cards from the bottom. To switch a card selected from a deal, you can use a top change and to switch a card selected from a fan or spread, you can use Sankey's Wichita Slip. I'd recommend against the bottom deal or the top change since you are doing a sleight when all eyes are on your hands. The Wichita Slip is good enough that it can withstand the scrutiny because it is done on a minor off-beat after the card is selected but before it is revealed.
  7. That’s what I was looking for! Thank you.

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