Nov 13, 2019
I know this is the most generic post, but I haven't been keeping up with the latest magic tricks on the market and wanted some advice on what to get.
First is a wallet with quite a few possibilities, at least a peek.
Second trick may be some sort of ring flight but I have heard horror stories so I'm not sure.
And anything else that is currently good on the market.

(Also may get some cards but I'm not exactly a collector so I may just get another pack of cherries)

(Also British so I buy everything from MagicWorld, I just like these forums)
Mar 15, 2018
The brand new Nexus Wallet gives you a peek, card to wallet, and more. It's pricey ($110), and reviews have been mixed due to the fact that it isn't made of genuine leather. But it certainly can do a lot, and comes with a tutorial video that's over 4 hours long, and packed with ideas.

More info here:


For a much cheaper option at $22.50, there's TCC's The Edge, which has a lot of features similar to the Nexus. It's also artificial leather, and comes with a peek, zippered pocket, card to wallet/envelope, and video tutorial (not 4 hours, mind you).

More info here:

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