Red and Blue Wynn Deck Rarity

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  1. I was just wondering if there would be any reason to keep some red and blue/purple wynns sealed. I understand that they are not nearly as rare as the brown wynns, however i fell like the question should be asked.
  2. Nope. They are still being made and can be found on various card selling sites. Sorry to disappoint. ;)

  3. I didn't think they were being made any more. I got the impression that the sites were just selling what they had.
  4. Are you sure they are still being made?
  5. go to they have loads of em
  6. I think they just found a huge amount of them. So technically they are available but they're not being printed anymore.
  7. i think they still make them, because david wynn still owns casinos that use wynns in them :)
  8. Well then I'm going to Vegas after I crack open a pack of wynn's. It is time to get "lucky".

    Nah the reason why wynn's are in stores is because the wynn casino had a lot of them made. Then they found out they didn't want them (for whatever reason), and they got out of print. To squeeze some profit out of all the cards made, they decided to sell them to the public.

    The new cards in the Wynn casino is not the ones you can buy sealed. The only way you can get sealed casino cards is if something like this happens. Usually used casino card are cancelled with black dots, not to mention the cut they give it to keep the deck from getting all messed up.
  9. When I was in Las Vegas I went to the Wynn casino and I bought the remaining brown Wynn's(which are out of print) and the red and blue Wynn's are not rare and they are still being printed in Las Vegas. And no some websites are selling Wynn's but they have an unlimited supply.

  10. The brown wynns are not that rare if t11 would get them all. they had a few thousand bricks left.
  11. Hey

    So does anyone know if they are still in print? Because I was thinking of getting a couple of bricks before they go out to use.

  12. im pretty sure they're still in print... but does anyone know whether or not they are going to stop printing them? like they did with brown wynns.
    which leas to another question, why did they stop printing brown wynns and not blue/red ones?
  13. Maybe because blue/red are easier/cheaper?
  14. Why would they be in print? Who would print them? Casino can't use them, as they are being sold everywhere.
  15. they're not in print, they're casino leftovers.

    the wynn has since switched decks so owning one isn't a security breach for them.
  16. I thought I would chime in,

    Just to be clear, since there is a lot of back and forth in this thread: The Brown Wynn's as sold by theory11 are no longer in print, and the Red and Blue Wynn's are no longer in circulation.

    However, many more of the red and blue were produced (than the browns); therefore, many sites have and continue to sell the Red and Blue's-- tons were produced. The brown Wynn's will no longer be sold publicly by theory11, and all remaining supply is being held in private reserves.

    Just so you know.



  17. Thanks for the info;)
  18. So are they still abailable to this day? Where can I find some?
  19. You can find them on ebay. But, keep in mind that this thread was posted in 2008. It's now 2013 so they'll be a bit harder to come by.

    Best of Luck,

    /// Y:E ///
  20. Can someone point me in the direction of purchasing some red or blue wynns?

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