Red High Victorian cards??

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  1. [​IMG] Im on Reddit and one of my fellow posters has just uploaded a snap from Walmart that shows - amongst other T11 decks - a few decks of High Victorian w a RED tuck?

    I didn’t know there was a variant of the High Vic? I thought only a green one?

    Can someone here explain?
  2. I literally found them at Target yesterday as well. Its like how Barnes and Noble is the only place you get get Red Nationals as of right now
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  3. If it’s a Walmart exclusive I’d love for someone to send me a pack - I live in New Zealand so don’t know if Walmart ships
  4. I'm sure they'll eventually be available on the site. The Green Nationals were a Barnes & Noble exclusive for a few months.
  5. Here is a silent review of the cards (close up photos and cards in motion). I decided to let the cards speak for themselves.
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  6. It seems strange that they’re not available here first...
  7. I just saw them at target and assumed they were a version before the greens.
  8. I saw these at target yesterday and I looked at T11's website, but they aren't there! Strange... I might go back and pick them up soon.
  9. The Gentleman Wake has also reviewed them - his video features him going on a mission to get them up at his local Target, where they retail for around $10.

  10. I saw a deck pop up on eBay for $20
  11. Barnes and Noble has exclusive T11 decks as well
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  13. I found the Red High Victorian at Target in my area. The store closet to me had only one deck. I have not been able to find a deck at a local Walmart but that may be a regional thing.
  14. Ugh soo need... why must I collect cards
  15. Target exclusive
  16. The store closet to me had only one deck.
  17. I live in New Zealand so don’t know if Walmart ships
  18. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had no idea that you could get nice decks from places like Walmart.

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