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  1. Hey guys,

    I've had my eye on the Red wheel playing cards (by DKNG) for about two weeks or so now, which is roughly how long it takes for me to seek out a new deck to add to my collection after scrounging up decks from the web and hitting up good ol' Youtube.

    If anyone here owns the deck, I'd be extremely grateful if you could provide me with a quick review regarding the quality of the deck and whether or not it would be worth getting. (I have stepped foot in both magic and cardistry, but I lean much more towards magic)

    Many thanks in advance~

  2. @Shattered Rain: I purchased one of these decks for my collection. I really like it a lot. The red color is lovely and really pops. Beautiful looking and unique cards. Excellent overall quality and design, as you might expect in a collaboration between Dan and Dave and Art of Play. The printing on the faces is metallic ink. Every card is custom - not just the aces and court cards. The pips are all tw0-toned colors. The jokers are totally lit, and there is a double backer, blue on one side, red on the other. The stock is the U.S. Playing Card Company classic stock, about what you'd expect from a good deck of Bicycles, which is a good thing - they spread, fan, dribble and faro etc. quite well. There is also a bonus card that has all the values printed on it, so if a card gets lost or destroyed (Heaven forbid) you will have a substitute by just circling the value of the missing card. I recommend, and hope you enjoy them. A e C D
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  3. Chris Ramsay does a review on these cards in one of his YouTube videos . I believe it's his top 5 decks video?
  4. Many thanks for your reply. In fact, I have just gone and ordered them, and they should be delivered within a few weeks. Really looking forward to unboxing 'em and taking them out for a spin.

    Thanks again~
  5. I have just gone and checked it out. Thank you for telling me that such a video does exist... I can't believe I missed it when Ramsay is one of my favourite magicians .-.

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