Redeem a Spin Win?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by morpheis91, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. How do I redeem a spin win? It said I won a Red Jaqk in a pop-up, I clicked ok and that was that, I didn't get any confirmation email or anything...
  2. I originally had the same question. You will get an email. Prizes are being shipped out in batches. I won a deck of Gold Monarchs on the 6th, and they should ship within a few days of today.
  3. Just had the same thing. Got a popup that said I won 250 elite member points. Then nothing. I took a screen grab just in case!
  4. The elite points just go straight to your account, they'll already be there now
  5. Does the email come out late or is it instant?? Nice gold monarchs...
  6. Mine said white gold monarchs
  7. I just won some Gold Monarchs and I also didn't get an email
  8. feeling jealous of all the winners..... I have been wining 50 elite points since the last 5 days

  9. It is a very busy time of year so emails won't be instant. I haven't gotten an email about it yet, and I won on the 6th. I found out from the support ticket I submitted.

    Rest assured that all wins are recorded and yours will not be overlooked.
  10. I figured as much but still worried a little
  11. Don't worry, all wins are tracked and we are just starting to distribute the free decks. If you won a deck, look for an email within the next 24 hours!

    Elite points are awarded instantly if you have an account, or will be awarded within 24 hours after you create a new account.
  12. LOL just won another Red JAQk Deck #feelinLucky
  13. my thing spun...and spun...then it went super slow mo...over the chest...copperfield...went extremely slow twice around...then stops on 50 about taking away hope lol

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