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  1. Hey, I was thinking about purchasing Ref4m and I was wondering if anyone was disappointed by method of the trick.... I have a guess, and if it is correct, I will be greatly disappointed because it takes no thinking... They're are not many possibilities for a TnR that is ungimmicked... Will I be amazed by the method? Is it clever?

  2. why does the method really matter?
    its the effect that matters. if you want effects where the method is cooler than the effect, you are basing your ideas on the wrong premise. lets say what you think the method is is the correct method, then so be it. if you think its a cool effect just get it. if not, come up with something better. ref4m isnt ment to be the end all of tnr effects, it is an impromptu TNR that you can do when ever you want to do one. if u want a great tnr, look maybe at torn, thats a great tnr with a great ending too, but if you are looking for coolest method, get TNR from T11, thats a crazy method.
    You need to evaluate the effect on what the effect looks like to spectators and what you want it to accomplish, not by method.
    Jay Sankey has some crazy nice effects for laymen, but as magicians, we pass most of them up because they are too simple for us. Stop thinking like a magician and start thinking like a performer, or a laymen, what is the effect as a whole in the eyes of the spectator.
    Now to answer your question, you are probably right so if that is all you care about, dont buy it. I personally think its a nice clever method, which has been done in the past, but taken a little farther. But i personally dont think that you will be dissipointed if you pick it up. Im sure blake is coming out with some more awesome stuff that i would personally save my money for, but that is just me.
    hope this helped a bit and i dont mean to sound harsh, but i feel that the ends justify the means.
  3. You probably are correct in the method, I was too when I bought it. But even though I was right I wasn't disappointed at the least! You have to remember that we're thinking things through a magicians point of view. We know several tnr methods and several magic movements so we're not going to be as fooled.

    But remember that your audience doesn't know several methods to tnr effects so to them, they will have NO CLUE how you did it(as long as you perform it correctly).
    I've performed it several times to my friends and family that's even seen my do several tnr effects and they still don't know how I did it.

    So in all, you might be disappointed, but you really should be because it's an amazing effect regardless of some of the negativity from other magicians. GET IT!!! :)
  4. I agree with what you said, but I do think the method is important as well as the effect... For instance, Frozen by Adam Grace.... it's insane to freeze a coin with your breath, but the method is timed, so that I would only have around 15 minutes to perform it making it somewhat impractical for me... however, if the method was not timed, then the effect would appeal to me more and I would perform it more. When I do Ref4m with my "guessed" method, the restored card does not look as "clean" as the one in the trailer, so if it is the correct method, I probably won't get it to look as good enough to be fool proof, so I won't perform it, which all goes down to the method... But thanks for answering my question directly later on, and I do think I will buy this later on...
  5. Super Lee,

    I was in the same position as you. Then, I decided to just buy the effect, and tru enough, I guessed the whole damn thing. The method is, genius and intelligent, and at the same time, dumb. Your cards wont look that clean, and you need tons of practice to make it look like that. I'm halfway through a deck and I can't perform it without flashing at the 2nd restoration.

    Just get it.

    You won't be disappointed.
  6. Really?! I thought it was quite easy. I went through an entire deck is nearly every single one I did quite cleanly! I think it's easy, but still requires practice. But anyways, yes please do get it. It's worth it!

  7. Thanks, this reply really helped, I'll probably just get it like you said..
  8. If quality is your aim no matter what, go with Garcia's Torn DVD.
  9. I hope you know it was all a joke. Chris started that channel awhile back "revealing" effects with WRONG and MISLEADING methods.

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