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  1. I AGREE!
    It's weird... I just found this yesterday, and here you are posting this today:confused: Anyway, great find, and an understated illusion.
  2. How come your favorite effect is not performable for anyone outside interent land?


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    no offense... but if you say this is "your favorite trick," this tells the rest of us many things, but 3 very important things.

    1- You never perform for anyone, and thus, have no idea what kind of effects are out there and get what reactions.

    2- You have never read through a classic magic book (Carney, Close, Cummings, Vernon, etc...)

    3- You are merely a move monkey, and have no idea what makes a good performance or a good magical moment.

    A word to the wise for the young magic generation. Pick up a copy of Carneycopia (by John Carney of course), and read his introduction. If you are serious about magic, his words will be the best words of wisdom you have received yet (regarding magic that is).
  4. that was really nice. u did it very well
  5. Yes you are right i haven't read through a classic book. I do magic as a hobbie and besides decks i have spent no money on magic. so i havent even read eardnase
  6. *GASP* I'll try and find one of those free e-books of it. that is okay right? not against site rules? because it is offered for free.
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    For those of you who say that you can't perform this effect out in the real world are totally wrong ... If you can do a pass in front of spectators Without getting caught you can do a 180 TG deck flip ... And your spectators are misdirected when looking at the card ....

    Nice clipshift for a person who hasn't spent money on magic
  8. you've just been called out! bam!
  9. refine

    im sorry to say but the clipshift is revealed on utube somewhere. thanks to some nube i know it now. This account reveals like every move from the clipshift to the diagonal plam shift
  10. oh gee, how wonderful. *sarcasm*
  11. And can you do either of them? And can he? Didn't think so.
  12. If you are talking about a pass and the TG Deck Flip, I can ... I dont know about the other dude tho.
  13. I wasn't referring to you.
  14. You guys maybey want to know that the creator is a TH11-member.
    No i don't gonna say who it is. He will so it when he wants to.
  15. what does this have to do with the creator?
  16. My bad, I misread/misinterpreted your post.
  17. Can you expand on that?

    In my opinion, this trick was meant to be performed "outside internet land" , involves the spectators, and involves a slight misdirection. It's like you're saying the card to mouth trick is not performable in life other then on camera when i read that.

    If you're talking about the way he performed it, well thas different.
  18. Well, I'd venture to guess that the whole "blocking the view of the camera to perform a sleight" aspect is what is coming under fire from Papa G.

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