Regalia Deck by Shin Lim

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Sarvadaman, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. I wanted to know how the Regalia deck by Shin Lim handle and also about its quality as I wanted to buy it , it would be great if people who have this deck for a while now can share their experience with this deck
  2. its an amazing deck and really worth it! just one downside for me personally is that it is EXTREMELY slippy. this is probably due to the gold finish i think. But it goes away after you brake it in and use it for a while. It also does swell (if thats the right word) like it gets kinda clumpy and not flat but you can fix this by just leaving it under a pile of books for a few days. Great deck over all though!
  3. What about the stock is too thin?
  4. It might be for some people, but for me its perfect. They spring really easily and dribble great. they do bend kinda easy though but like I said, just stick them under a pile of books and you'll be fine
  5. Great deck if supporting a fantastic person like Shin interests you. I personally prefer to stick to monarch, and regular old bikes for my tricks (monarchs in my opinion are the best cards out there as of now and I adore the dark blue color of the blue ones and the bikes are cheap so work well with torn/restored card tricks etc.) that being said I do have a half brick of the Regalia deck mainly to show my support for Shin. It is similar to me having a half brick of 1st playing cards to support chris so on and so fourth.

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