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  1. I guess most of the people in here know how to do cover pass.
    As you do it, the order of the deck will change eventually.
    I am just wondering: Is there any materials which teach you to do the cover pass WITHOUT changing the whole deck order?
    (hope the describtion isn't exposing the secret~if yes, please help me to change it, thanks.)

    Thanks a lot.
  2. You could do a cut, leaving the top portion on your left hand, make them replace the card in the top half (wich is in your left hand) and then put the remaining cards on top, having a break above the selection. Do the cover pass and you will be left with the entire deck in order except for the top card wich is random.

    If you are intereseted in passes check out Ken krensel's "The pass" vol. 4 great things there ;).
  3. Outside of initially displacing the top card, for example, a slip cut, followed by a genuine cut to the same spot to hav a card replaced, etc, the nature of the pass would other wise not lend itself to full deck order retention.
  4. As Glen said a slip cut with a break between the two packets would work. Although it seems like a little bit of a waste of time. I can understand why you want to do it however it is far more practical to do a cut with a classic pass to maintain order in the deck.
  5. hmm.........
    thanks for the ideas, guys~

    but well, I am still a little bit greedy =P
    is it possible not to do a cut, but with only one motion? any materials which has related ideas to my question?
    ( just it is what I am processing right now, hope to gather more infos in order to work on my thoughts well)

    Thanks again.
  6. I'm afraid your question contradicts itself. Any shift is intended to shift the position of two packets, usually after a cut has been made. The entire idea of a pass is to change the order of the cards, so no, there is not a cover pass that keeps full deck order... that is not even the purpose of the pass.

    However, a bluff pass can easily get a selected card to the same location as a cover pass (IE, second from the top) without disturbing the order of the pack.

    Aaron Fisher has great work on the Bluff Pass, and there is, of course, the original Lepaul Bluff Pass as well.


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