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  1. Regeneration :: Blake Vogt
    Price: $49.95
    Difficulty: Easy
    Included in package:
    DVD and 15 handcrafted gimmicks

    Just want to start off by saying, this is not a trick you perform in every single routine you do! This is one of those tricks that should be used only in the right place and the right time. You should only do this if you want to impress someone or there is a heckler in the group or whatever situation you're in that you need to impress. If you want a torn and restored card that you wanna use for every routine then get something else because this is not it! Well now that's out of the way lets go onto the review.

    The spectator picks a card from the pack and signs both sides of the card. They hold the card and you begin to fold the corner of the card. The spectator, themselves, tear the corner of the card. You place the corner in your mouth and swallow it. You slowly go for the card they've been holding this whole time and cleanly restore the card.

    This trick is honestly the cleanest and most simplest torn and restore card ever made. The card is examinable at the end because it is just a regular card! It is so fair and clean because the spectator does almost all the work in the end. But although this trick is so clean, it is not something you perform all the time. Because of how the gimmick is made and the limited amount you get, it something you use sparely. But it can be left in the deck at all time and can be used whenever is needed.

    Now at the very beginning of the DVD Blake Vogt tells you history about the effect and also the inner workings of the gimmick but does not teach you how to make it. He says right up front only him and another trusted person knows how to make the gimmick in the best possible way. Now since this isn't the type of trick where you can practice with an actual gimmick, Blake teaches how to make a practice gimmick that works perfectly when trying to learn how to present to effect. Blake goes over two ways to perform this effect, one with the card restoring in a more of a "regeneration" by restoring in your mouth, and one that's in the hand. Either way he also tells you that you can be creative with the restoration because there are more ways to restore it. There is also extras on the DVD where Blake and Calen actually talk about the gimmick and talk about performing it which is very cool

    The gimmicks that come with the effect is very nice and very well made. It looks like a regular card is every way and can be kept in the deck without being notice. Now since a gimmick is ruined every time you perform this effect, you need to use sparely.

    Now I know this trick is a very expensive trick for $50 but trust me this is the kind of trick that can get you a gig and impress many hecklers if you use this correctly. Now honestly I was skeptical about this effect as well but it is something worth getting honestly. I can see myself using this is a lot of tough situations. Also I think it would be nice if the gimmick was made from other cards like Monarchs, or guardians, or just other cards that would be cool. Overall, if you are willing to spend the $50 I can tell you that it will be worth it for the working professional, not for hobbyist or beginners.
  2. Thanks for the review! One question, if you run out of gimmicks are they available for individual purchase?
  3. I am actually unsure about that. I'm sure if you send in a support ticket to theory11 about refills, I think they will make you some. But at this time I don't know if they're taking orders for refills.
  4. Awesome review, Arman! So happy you love the effect. It's EXTREMELY powerful. For existing purchasers, contact theory11 support and we absolutely will accomodate requests for refills. Each gimmick is handmade, individually, and we're working as quickly as possible to keep up with demand.
  5. Good review. I would add a thought about your closing comment about the hobbyist. I actually think this trick IS worth it for the hobbyist. You see, doing paid work, there are some effects I have done literally thousands of times. However, when I was starting, I would learn a trick and show it my wife, then a few times to different friends, and then to my family, then I ran out of people to show it to.
    If a hobbyist purchased this, they would have enough gimmicks so show their circle of people they normally show and they would likely still even have some gimmicks left if they ever had opportunity to bring it out again. That would be a fine purchase imo.

    Just a thought.
  6. I agree with what you're saying about being able to show this trick as a hobbyist, but I feel like most hobbyist wouldn't be willing to spend $50 on something that could be limited. I remember as a hobbyist, that I would perform to anybody and everybody that would want to see. That even goes for repeats of tricks and I feel that if you want to keep performing tricks like this, it would be better to get a different effect.
  7. What would be the price for refills?
    I feel like i would use this effect quite often for a big crowd, or people who have seen me perform many times.
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    The unfortunate thing about leaving this (very cleverly made) card with the spectator at the conclusion of the trick is that it leads them directly to the solution. Any close examination of the restored card will tell them all they really need to know; certainly enough to suss out a solution that satisfies them, and is likely correct.
  9. With regards to the card, it is possible to make them yourself however I wouldn't recommend this if you have no prior knowledge of making these cards. I've been making gaffs for a long time and this type of card is no problem for me but it is wisest to buy them from theory 11 as the card is made by someone of experience. I suggest studying gaff cards and methods to make them, I am not trying to get people to not buy the gimmicks from theory11 but simply being able to make gaffs can stem from performing Regeneration to creating other effects.
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  10. I am thinking about getting this for myself, is T11 still making gimmick refills years later?
  11. Great review, REGENERATION is one of my favourite effects of all time, I just wanna say, if you have some experience in making gimmicks and you know how the gimmick originally built, so it's not that hard to make one, I make regeneration gimmicks all the time but I have to say they are not at the same quality of the original ones but I think they are not bad plus that you can expand the effect further than playingcards.
  12. I read your comment after I wrote mine, pretty similar and I totally agree with you at the last part.
  13. Absolutely - you can purchase a refill pack anytime after purchase from your theory11 My Account area here:
  14. aw man now your review is making me buy it :D
    not a magician but would really like to see that in person
    i have to remind myself that cardistry is my first love :D
  15. So how do I purchase Regeneration refills?
  16. Contact our support team at and they can get you set up for refills!

    // L
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