Sep 12, 2007
Normandy, FRANCE
Hi guys !

I just came across this DVD from magic makers at my local magicshop, and the promo text seemed too good to be true : everything examinable at the beginning and at the end, you can show the half card front and back during the restoration, only one card used...

I already bought the "Holy Graal" a few months ago, and was kind of disappointed by the method and the results actually, so here's my question : does any of you guys own this DVD, and if so, is it that good ?
Dec 19, 2007
Italy ,Milano
I have it.
It is really amazing but it is really difficult at the end only 3/4 of the card is really restored.
Anyway the dvd teachs you differents handling and subtleties.
If you like this kind of trick it is a musthave.
Ps the trick is totally impromptu and there is no setup
Kris nevling the creator of reincardnation is a good friend of mine ...i have been using this since he showed it to me..the best thing about this is the fact that it is completly impromtu....anywhere anytime....and there are many ways to to make the card completly vanish at the end...this is great people will come up to you later and ask to see this trick again
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