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  1. Hello!
    I'm new to the wire, I don't really know anything about it. I created three effects:
    - a card change: impromptu no cover change, with no angle issues. VERY KNACKY, but once you get down, looks awesome.
    -box vanish: You show ALL sides of the card box, then with just a wave of your hand, the box vanishes.
    -Ink change effect: the spectator's signed card is lost in the deck, on the back of the mistery card (that you have in your pocket) there is a prediction. But the prediction is wrong! When you flick the card, the pernament ink changes instantly to reveal the right card. When you turn over the card, it is the spectator's signed card.

    I have a couple question:
    the first effect-the card change- requires a classic sleight, but I use it in a completely different way. A lot of magicians released their own moves, that needs a classic move too. Can I still release it? I've never seen anything like that before.

    Give me tips, how to release effects, and when? How about trailers? Marketing? Help me please! And the price of the effects??
    English isn't my first language, so the instructions could be annoying... Ideas, tips?
  2. By the way, the box vanish is just a prototype, i should do some improvements
  3. As long as your routine is vastly different from something someone else is published, you will be fine as long as proper credits are given ;)
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