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  1. What flourishes are there for beginners? I'm talking mostly cuts, I can do worm and dribbles and charlier cut (I spelt that so wrong ik) but when I learn longer flourishes it isn't clean, I am pausing too much. In a card trick the sleights ain't jammed pack together, you can wait for a good suitable time relative to the audience, so i'm struggling with remembering the sequence of flourishes. I know it will get better with practice but my patience is so bad if I can't get it looking nice I'll search for a new tutorial. Any tips except the obvious practice, and a nice free tutorial that looks harder than it actually is? I don't want to get into cardistry but I feel it will help me show off in magic so the audience think I am more skilled and less likely to walk away? (By the last sentence I don't mean that my tricks ain't good enough anyway but you get the jist - I dont want to focus on cardistry only one flashy flourish)
  2. You could of just said the ribbon spread, was the rest really needed. I spelt it wrong but I didn't know the correct spelling so thats why I put it.
  3. Oh, I just searched up a ribbon spread and I already could do that (that sounds a bit harsh sorry). Furthermore most of the time I don't have a table, any other ideas? Maybe a one card flourish?
  4. Could try bullet
  5. Thanks, I appreciate that response much more than mohana who kinda put a sour taste on the cardistry community that I was unaccustomed to.
  6. faux by Chris Ramsay is an interesting false cut also
  7. I'm sorry! I really shouldn't have been so cold in my reply. But you mustn't let that spoil your perception of the cardistry community as a whole! It is a fantastic and a helpful community (and I, too, am usually a marvellous person :D ).

    Returning to your original query, I do think that the flourishes you already know should suffice. Most cardistry packet cuts are indiscernible from each other for laymen. They give the best reactions for displays and aerials (and springs and anacondas). That's why I think if you already know the dribble and a spread, you should be pretty good to go.

    As suggested, the Bullet, or any other card twirl (check Zach Mueller's work on that) would be great too. Check out Ferris (the Buck twins) and Top Shot (Lennart Green). You can also check out the LePaul spread (by, well, LePaul). But all of this does require patience to get down and get it looking good.


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