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  1. Repair is basically a popped and restored balloon, and a pretty darn good one at that. Let's get the deets:

    Method: The method is very clever, when he began explaining it I thought I knew it from there. I didn't. It's really simple and quite genius. You can carry the "gimmick' with the balloon and no one notices at all. Very awesome.

    Teaching: Michael does a good job teaching the effect, walking you through everything. However, sometimes in the video he'll repeat directly what he said the previous segment like 8 seconds ago, that was a little confusing. Other than that he gives good pointers on where to direct attention, and where the "heat" of the audience is and should be to perform this effect, which can be applied to basically all magic.

    He gives some "pro tips" at the end, which are mainly just bloopers or bogus advice, but it does get a good laugh out of you.

    For 15 bucks, it's a little pricey, since you have to go out and buy balloons as well. However, restoring a balloon that has no doubt just been popped is quite the visual triumph.

    If you're considering it and don't perform in quiet places, go for it.

  2. very nice review. I've been thinking about getting this as well but the price kind of drew me away from it.
  3. Yeah the price is a bit of a turn off, but if you have the money for it, I would buy it.

  4. Thank you for the review of repAIR. If you have any questions about the trick, I'd be happy to answer them.

    Regarding not being able to perform repAIR in a quiet place...When I used to work tables in restaurants 4 nights a week, I loved to make a "splash" right when I arrived. This way everyone would know who I was and what I was doing there. As you know - this makes you go from being the guy that has to introduce yourself to the guy who everyone asks to come over to their table. For me, I would just try to pick out the table that would react the loudest. I wish I would have had a trick like repAIR back then. It would have solved that problem for me.

    I've been using repAIR for mainly close-up, but I have performed it on stage as well. Because blowing up a balloon plays the same for 4 people as it does for 400 people, it somehow works. Here's a video of that --> repAIR performed for a packed theater.

    I would love to see some more performance videos of repAIR being performed for real people.

    Thanks again for the review.
  5. That was an awesome video! I actually plan on making a "what can you do with balloons" stage routine for my school's talent show, and this would work perfectly.

    I also do balloon animals at the restaurant I work at, and when I pop them, people around know I messed up. So if someone heard a pop in another section, and then I come over offering balloons, they'll probably think "oh, this guys the one messing up the balloons."Even though that already's happened haha. But I see what you mean, if people hear the pop and don't see balloon animals being made, then they'll wonder what's going on. Very nice.

  6. Love this effect, Michael! Fun, quick, simple, easy. I've had a great time performing it over the past week. Will write up a full review soon.
  7. Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it. Can't wait to read your review.
  8. Is it possible to perform Pressure right after RepAir?
  9. Yes, provided one quick additional clean up. Not hard at all though. Michael actually told me he does that for his show. So yes, it's possible.


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