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  1. I first met Ben in Blackpool 2008, but was already a fan after purchasing his Re-labelled trick (up-selling =P).

    I got a Facebook message offering his new product Repertoire ... Volume 1.
    I was excited at the prospect, and was not disappointed in any way.

    The more I read his PDF, the more I destroyed my own repertoire and replaced it with his....
    He has a 33 page document, packed to the brim with amazing routines !!

    You can buy it from :

    First off, the design.
    It is a way laid out urban styled design with clear paragraphs, big pictures, with sub-text explanations, which are easy to read.. and more importantly, easy to learn from.

    I would explain every trick, what it is, and how much I love it, but I have already written that version of the review, and it was about as long as the PDF, and none of you would be patient enough to read it, before buying it.
    But it has a massive 13 effects, and it only costs £10.
    That's like 77p per trick......
    It's a better deal than anything ever.... I don't I have had anything as good in life for 77p.
    For a trick list, visit the link above.

    Honestly, why are you still reading?.......most of you should be on your way to find your wallet right now.

    For those of you who are not, ie ( You have Paypal instead ) .. continue on.

    A lot of you will be eager to know how many of the routines I will actually use, mixed in with my own routine for paid performances.
    So out of the PDF I will use:
    ~ Heartless - fo sho favourite effect
    ~ D.B.I.D
    ~ Imitate 1.0
    ~ Imitate 1.1
    ~ Imitate 1.2
    ~ Imitate 1.3
    ~ Your card, my mouth
    ~ Steal
    ~ I dub thee
    ~ I dub thee mental
    ~ Watch my predictions
    ~ Your card
    ~ Your card repeat
    ~ Chain 1.0
    ~ Chain 1.2

    A lot of you with the ability to count will now realize that's the 13 effect trick list,
    not the " what he will use list" ???
    It's both !


  2. Thanks for the review Geraint.

    You an also buy Repertoire VOL 1 here:

    This is my own site and will be the first place to learn about and buy Repertoire VOL 2 and 3. Sign up to the mailing list as when VOL 2 is ready themembers of my mailing list will be put into a hat and 10 lucky members will receive a free copy to review.

    Many thanks,

    Ben Williams
  3. This is an AWESOME book - We had a secret jam in London on Saturday, where Ben demmed several of the effects, while they didn't quite match the serial number trick I performed, (teeheehee!) they were bloody impressive!!!

    Really looking forward to 2 and 3, I've heard from the man himself that he builds on the first with even harder hitting effects!!!


  4. Cheers Dee! That serial number effect was CHEEKY!! Look out for that on Pieces @ 3AM, well worth checking out!

    Anyways Hi Guys (and Girls!),

    I just want to post up to let everyone know about my new website for magicians, This will allow me to share my new releases and news with you directly.

    Every release I bring out 10 lucky members of the mailing list will receive a copy for free, just for being a mailing list member! I will also have more offers of free additions with orders and of course it will be the first place you will be able to buy any of my effects from as my new material is released.

    Repertoire VOL 1 has been getting rave reviews from all over, for which I am thankful, please visit here: to order or read more about it. Repertoire VOL 2 is in production and I am very excited about this (Repertoire will be 3 VOL in total). On Volume 2 there is more workable card effects, my two takes on the T&R plot and some more cool concepts and ideas. More on that to come.

    I also have a few more projects lined up for release throughout 2009 so keep an eye out!

    So if you want to be in the running for a free copy of Repertoire VOL 2 get down to and sign up to the mailing list!

    Any feedback about the site is welcome although please bear in mind I do not speak in Binary so I am limited!!!

    Many thanks,

    Ben Williams

    Reviews fro Repertoire VOL 1 can be seen here:

    Buy Repertoire here:

    Also view Chain the linking card effect from Repertoire VOL 1 here:
  5. I'll have to pick this up soon.


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