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  1. Repertoire - Volume 2

    Repertoire Volume 2 is Ben’s second installment of his Repertoire series.

    Included inside is more workable routines that suit pretty much any environment. The PDF contains practical, powerful and real world effects in 31 pages with detailed explanations and pictures to help along the way; you’ll have a very easy time understanding these effects so you can go out there and perform them to their best.

    The book included many highlights for me that I’ve added a few into my repertoire as well.

    Some of the effects include (that I now normally perform and are my favorite from the book):

    COLD AND LONELY “Cold and Lonely is my take on the Anniversary Waltz routine. A card is selected from a red deck and signed across its back, this is placed face up in the spectator’s palms. Another card is selected and is signed across its face. When the two touch you show you now have their signature on the back! The original selection however has been left alone so long it feels all cold and lonely and when turned over it has a blue back!”

    Very simple, huge impact and the unexpected twist at the end really hit the spectators. I love performing this one. Although, I did change the ending of a blue back card to a blank back card that also really kills the spectators.

    POPOMOWA“PoPoMoWa stands for pocket, pocket, mouth, wallet. This is a face paced misdirectional card routine where the spectator’s signed card is first found in your… well you get the idea! Optional extras will be suggested for different routining.”

    Highly effective that I now use this about every time someone wants to see an effect. Again the surprise ending on this one really gets the spectator. What’s so great about this card routine is you can add or take away any phase of the routine and make it fit you. Ben also includes an ending with an Omni Deck.

    CARD TO SPECTATOR'S WALLET “This is an interesting idea or concept I have played around with. It is a mystery card routine that culminates in you pulling the spectator’s signed card from their wallet. This routine works so well sometimes that I have actually left the signed selection in their wallet for them to discover later!”

    I’ve played around with a similar concept, but Ben hit the nail on this one. Everything is really motivated and gives you all the time you need to do the secret moves. I like to add this ending to his effect PoPoMoWa, excluding the Mo…their card travels to my pockets not once, but twice, than goes to my wallet, I lay their card on the table, it changes and goes into their wallet. Highly effective.

    SLEIGHTLY CONFUSED (Signed and Unsigned)“Sleightly Confused is a TnR routine in which you never see the card being ripped. A signed selection (signed across its back), is lost in the deck and the deck is then placed back into the box which the spectator holds onto. The magician then mimes tearing the card and pieces of a playing card are produced from thin air that matches the spectator’s selection. These are then handed to the spectator who squeezes onto them when their hand is opened the pieces are healed, the card is unfolded and the spectator’s signature is found on the back.”

    Now I am a fanatic of the TnR plot and I have to say that I love the different direction Ben took with it. This one is an ‘off the wall’ TnR that just as visual as surprising. The ‘gimmick’ is super easy just as the set-up. Very creative and again, as all the effects in this book, has a lot of impact. Also, don’t forget to check out his other TnR card included in the book also, SIGNED AND DATED - Signed and Dated is another off the wall TnR effect similar to Sleightly Confused…you can see a demo of Signed and Dated on his site.

    SPECTATOR LOCATER“This is another multi selection routine. Two cards are selected and lost back into the deck. A third card is selected to be the spectator locater card. This is vanished from the top of the deck in the spectators hands. The deck is spread and the two cards surrounding the spectator locater card are the first and second selections.”

    Very simple and to the spectator it seems all-hands off. I love the sandwich-esque feel it has to it. I’ve replaced the ‘vanishing’ part of the effect and instead have the spectator place the third card on the deck and cut it anywhere they want…you should see the surprise on their face when they discovered they trapped the two selections.

    So out of the 11 effects I occasionally use these 5 and at such an affordable price you can’t go wrong. So if you like what you’ve read so far check it!

    Also, remember this is just about half of the effects included in the book, check out the link below to find the full contents!

    All I have to say is Ben has done a GREAT job with this one!
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    Thanks for your review, I am glad you liked Repertoire 2, wait till you see Sharp Money!!


  3. Glad you liked the review Ben!

    And as you know, I can't wait for 'Sharpie Money'.

    Inferno Kaiser
  4. Just so you know mate, Sharp Money is now up for sale...



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