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    This post has been edited due to the amazing responses and assistance I have received here... you guys are awesome! Cheers...
  2. Well, Hank Lee himself just got thrown in jail for a couple years for $500k worth of credit card fraud. The store is still going, but I can't make any claims about its current status.

    I've never had problems with T11, Ellusionist, or Dan and Dave, but I'll admit to getting most of my books off ebay these days.
  3. Though there are plenty of great internet-based dealers, I'm a huge fan of supporting the 'brick and mortar' shops. A lot of these places are facing difficult times simply due to the drastic ratio of online shoppers to brick-and-mortar shoppers. If you're lazy and don't want to leave your bedroom, or you simply don't have a magic shop within reasonable distance of your home, you can get the best of both worlds in many cases since most magic shops have websites where you can order the products online. So you're still keeping physical magic shops alive AND being lazy by buying online.

    My personal favourite, and a shop I will continue to support always: Browser's Den of Magic in Toronto. I live in a different city but I've often made a two hour commute to the shop by taking the train, subway, and bus (all three, not just one or the other!). Thing is, with a lot of these shops you can easily stay for an entire day. There are usually guys sitting around jamming and the atmosphere is, at least in my experience, very relaxed.
  4. I shop at the following places;

    Merchant of Magic (
    Card Collection (
    World Magic Shop
    International Magic

    All of those except T11 and E are UK stores.
  5. Denny and Lee
    Elmwood Magic
  6. For me its L&L publishing I have been doing business with
    them since the mid 90's and i have never had a problem.
    Also the magic apple is another great place.
  7. Penguin magic is another good dealer.
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    I use penguin magic too, and they have fast shipping and good customer service!
  9. MJM Magic. Great store, very affordable, amazing customer service. I pretty much buy 90% of stuff from them.

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