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  1. Hey, I'd really appreciate it if anyone could tip some sources that teach the following moves in-depth.

    Card Mucks
    Riffle Shuffle Stacking
    Tabled Multiple Shift
    Decent Deck Switch

    Books are preferred to DVD's, but anything goes.

  2. By Forces Unseen by Stephen Minch is an excellent source to get you started on riffle stacking (one of my favourite utilities) and a tabled multiple shift. The other two, I am sorry, I do not know... perhaps something of Tamariz's? I know he has some work on deck switches.
  3. Card Mucking is explained in The Unreal Work by Paul Wilson and Jason England

    There are also some stacking techniques and shifts and so on its great.
  4. Unreal Work is a dvd, and so is Brian Tudor's Card Sharp, which teaches mucking and stacking - but it's all if you're a visual learner, not an auditory learner. Or Olfactory. Or Gustatory. heh. It sounds like my name.

    Sorry, lost my train of thought.

    I reccomend Unreal Work, it's cheaply produced, but it creates an amiable learning experience form one of the best in the job; at some of the most covert secrets in the job.

    Card Sharp -
    Unreal Work - no trailer :(

  5. I believe By Forces Unseen is by Ernest Eric.

    Expert At The Card Table has a few muckings as well.
  6. Not sure about the Card mucks or the stacking.

    Tabled Multiple Shift - Secrets Draun from Underground by Steve Draun/Richard Kaufman.
    Deck Switch - possibly Smoke and Mirrors by John Bannon? Not sure.
  7. I've got the new Zarrow book by David Ben that discusses a pretty complex method for using the Zarrow shuffle to stack a deck. Is Earick's method similar?
  8. I'm not positively sure. Earick's method is difficult to do at speed but learning the basic technique and performing it at a moderate speed shouldn't take too much time.

    And no, Stephen Minch wrote By Forces Unseen... he writes for many top magicians' publications.
  9. If you're sure you want books then for mucking, go with Hand Mucking by George Joseph. However, Tony Giorgio's Ultimate Work DVDs are brilliant and have some moves that I think you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Whereas Joseph's book is more aimed at the magician, Giorgio's material is, so I've heard, the "real work". And, just to correct an earlier poster, there is no mucking taught in Erdnase, but don't let that put you off it if you don't study that already.

    Riffle stacking stuff is harder to find. Really, the best stuff is in Karl Fulves riffle shuffle manuscripts (Riffle Shuffle Technique, Riffle Shuffle Methods etc.), but they are very difficult to find. While you're waiting for some of that stuff to appear on eBay, check out By Forces Unseen.

    As for tabled multiple shifts and deck switches, as far as I know they're spread out across a load of different texts, so I'd find it difficult to recommend one authoritative book for either technique. However, if you're interested in this kind of thing, have a look at the chapter on riffle shuffle technique in More Inner Secrets of Card Magic.
  10. I believe Erdnase teaches a method of riffle shuffle stacking, however he puts it under the name of 'culling'. Might be wrong though.

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