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  1. Hello everyone,
    I've been doing card magic for a few months now. I've come to understand (from some posts), that asking for redirection to learn certain effects or methods is alright as long as there is no exposure. If not so, please ignore this thread, as this is my first.
    After some time, I delved into stuff like coins (basically, impromptu forms of the art), and other stuff, but eventually came back to cards. Sometime around this point, I got obsessed with the Berglas Effect. This peaked my interest in mentalism. I've not studied much on this subject, just some portion of Annemann's Practical Mental Effects. Most of the stuff I've come across, till now, is with billets. However, I find footage of magicians like David Blaine perform effects where he simply asks the spectator to name a card. I know a lot of stuff is cut out, and the concept of multiple outs as well as subliminal forcing. Is this kind of a force possible to a reasonably high rate of accuracy? I understand this would probably be something well prized among the community, so, if this is not something that can be freely disclosed, can I find other stuff, like guessing who drew what, what number someone is thinking about, the card someone thinks out of 5 or 6 cards, etc in Annemann? If what, which books should I check?
    Note: I've checked out Peter Turner'' pdf, but I find fishing a bit 'fishy'.
    Thank you.
  2. Maybe its because of my lack of presentation, but except for a few values, its pretty long. Its not that good for forcing several cards.
  3. What you see in the Peter Turner pdf is basically what you are going to get with psi forces. When I worked for Rick Lax we published several psychological forces and had the magic viewed by millions of people. For effects found in psychological subtleties, at best these worked out about 60 or 70 percent of the time. Peter Turner's forces worked maybe 10 percent of the time and even Dai Vernon's original psychological force only worked about 20 percent of the time (with 5 cards that's only as good as chance). Daniel Madison has some psychological stuff and in my experience it is terrible. Even Derren Brown's approaches leave a lot to be desired.

    I have a solution to all this, just give me a sec.

    I think that magicians take a chance and get lucky from time to time. They might even get lucky twice or three times and then they publish a "method" that doesn't really hold up. This is a problem with any type of magic trick, but it is especially bad with psychological stuff.

    You can use psychological stuff in the real world though and this is how. Carry an invisible deck with you, or load your wallet with Kolassal Killer. Perform the force, and if you miss you can show how you predicted the card if you hit, you have a miracle on your hands.
  4. That makes a lot sense. Thanks!
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