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Nov 7, 2009
Im not a restraunt magician yet but I hope to be in the next few years.... I need some tricks that have minimum or no setup so I can do table to table without setting anything up... They must be visual I happen without a table. And it would be nice if they happened in the spectators hands and were ungimmicked or atleast examinable. I also like tricks which dont need constant refills...

So far I think I will use:
- Spongeball routine
- Bigger Finish by Jay Sankey
- Ambitious Card Routine
- Chicago opener

Any reccomendations?
Sep 2, 2007
Nova Scotia
spongeball routine would be great, make sure you have 2 sets of patter, one for kids and one for adults. as for tricks, a few that I do in the bar & grill.

Biddle Trick
Card to pocket routine.
I also have a bunch of custom business card routines.

you have to think that working in a bar or restaurant that every table you go to is an audition. the possibility is there for more than one show.


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Aug 31, 2007
Looks great so far.
There are tons of opinions on routining for restaurants, so I would recommend you do some serious reading. I would suggest you head over to penguin's forums and search the restaurant forum for "paddy". Read the topics that come up. It's not just that Paddy has some great advice, but the discussions surrounding the topics he participated in are fantastic with a wealth of wisdom and information from many working guys. The cafe has lots of great stuff too.
Read Read Read.

Sponge balls are amazing. ACR is good (but recently I believe Morgician mentioned that he felt that most ACR's don't really have an ending -hmm, something to consider). I don't do Chicago opener or bigger finish, but both when well performed are good tricks. I would also consider something quick, powerful, and visual as an opener. It's doesn't have to be complex, but just something to get their attention and interest.

Good luck.

Nov 15, 2007
Raleigh, NC
There are tons of opinions on routining for restaurants, so I would recommend you do some serious reading.

I can't agree more.

I will say something I've been testing and playing with is the Quarter Squeeze, manufactured by magic makers, and it plays well with laymen. A lot of magicians will say 'the apparatus will arouse suspicion', and it does...but you can have them examine it to their hearts content and find nothing and I have an alternate handling since making the last coin vanish and re-appear doesn't make any sense to me so there is no suspicion of anything...a coin is seen being placed in the top and it visually falls through to the table (hand, etc).

Rubber bands. Crazy mans handcuffs, linking rubber bands, ring on bands...the broken and restored rubber band...definitely enough routines and material out there. They're easy to carry around and once you get the moves down the routines are excellent.

A DVD worth looking into would be Garrett Thomas' Ring Thing.
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