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  1. I am going in to get a job at a resturaunt. I would like to know from people who already have experiance.
    What do you wear when you go in for the job, and after you get it.
    What should you perform for the manager that would surprise him, should I do something like indecent so he can keep the object (bag and card in this case). Or should I do a gaff trick where he can't keep it but can see something that is not supposed to happen, Logically.
    Thanks for the input.
  2. Don't mean to sound rude here, but, if you are asking these kinds of questions, you are not ready to work in a restaurant. There are many sources that you should read before taking this step. This includes sources on how to build sets, what kind of material to put in your sets, what to wear, how to sell yourself, how to talk to the manager, how to negotiate fees, etc...

    Working in a restaurant is not as simple as, "I can do these tricks, so why not do them for people sitting at a table eating food?"

    Now that is out of the way, just to answer your questions:
    1: You should wear a suit. This is a business interview and you want to look professional.
    2: If you get the job, you will want to look the part. Jeans, sneakers, t-shirts are no go. Get suits, vests, button-up shirts, maybe a tie, nice shoes, and a belt that matches your shoes.

    3: You should perform for the manager one of the sets you are going to be doing while working as a restaurant magician. This is not just one trick, it is a set of 3 - 5 tricks (5 is a bit much). You should use the same patter that you will use while working at the restaurant. For example, "Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying your evening tonight. My name is XXXX and I am the house magician, bla bla bla," There are a million different things you could say for your opening.

    But again, honestly, from the way you worded your post, it is quite clear you are not really prepared to go into a restaurant just yet. Perhaps, you should be asking specifically for what books or dvds you could get to start preparing. If this is the case, I would recommend checking out this forum over at the cafe:

    This is a post from that forum about strolling DVDs:

    Here is a post about pro workers' top 5 preferred tricks for table hopping:

    Here is a post about 10 things that make you look pro: (an interesting read)

    Many great posts. You should read them before you take the next step.

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