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  1. So I'm thinking about a gig at a restaurant and this particular gig would be a walk around gig where I would go up to tables and perform some tricks. My question is what are some effects I should do (I mostly do mentalism and card magic) and how long should I perform at each table?
  2. With most restaurants closing down for a bit I am assuming this is something you are working towards? What do you currently perform and what resources do you currently have? But Some good accessible and low cost sources off the top of my head...

    Kostya Kimlat and Karl Hein both have penguin lectures that are 8ish dollars each and both have some excellent information about working restaurants. A mod here, Michael O’Brien, has a YouTube channel where he discusses this type of stuff. That would probably be a good place to start.

    But just a thought, in addition to any tricks you already know do you have tricks for things people sometimes do when dining out like; birthdays, anniversaries, dates etc?
  3. Nice recources. I will definitely check those out. I do have tricks I do for birthdays and dates/anniversaries such as the birthday card trick. I currently perform things like ACR, the Chicago opener, and a card routine I call ace, dose, tres. I also perform some mentalism effects like a newspaper test.
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