RESTLESS by Dan Hauss

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  1. Just stumbled upon this on PaperCrane, via the Cafe -

    Restless - Dan Hauss

    21 Effects | 3 Volumes | Coming Soon

    I don't know you, but I'm intrigued by this, as not only am I a fan of PaperCrane's products, but also Dan Hauss [one crazy, creative mad man]

    I'm looking forward to this.
  2. I just saw the teaser today on papercrane. I do not really have anything of Dan Hauss's, I only know redline and Gorilla. It'll be interesting to see what is on it
  3. @MarkEfferent - I, too, own Redline, and I also own Flow, and Dan Hauss has not disappointed. I'm looking forward to the contents of these upcoming Volums, and since it's Dan Hauss, you can't go wrong.
  4. I heard about this a while ago.. or the idea anyway.

    Then this morning I saw a post by Papercrane on here before it was deleted.

    I... Can't wait... Dan Hauss' mind is crazy. This is bound to have more than a few gems.
  5. I think Papercrane can't post a thread on it because it'd be "advertising".
  6. Well, then let ME advertise for
    He is a really good friend of mine, and I have personally seen 80% of the effects that are on this set. And almost all of them friedddddd me.

    I am very excited to get this when it comes out too...VERY sick stuff on here.

  7. I meant no advertisement here, Mike. :)

    And seeing how 80% of the tricks on his upcoming Volumes
    you, then I say this has to be some hard-hitting, practical, and solid material, yet I don't know what's in them, haha.

    I look forward to this release.
  8. I'm very excited. then. 21 effects. And of what I've seen from Hauss already, his thinking is out of the box and not your typical card tricks.
  9. @AsherF - And that is why Dan Hauss is one of my favorite creative magic producers out there. His magic, as you said it, is out of the box, and is in fact original, and creative. His unsual approach to magic is what makes him different then any other magician out there.
  10. Dan Hauss is creative as hell! I love his Laced, Sleeping Queen, and Downfall was a great idea! His shrinking pinky is damn cool.

    I cannot wait for this.
  11. Dont forget Lit and Flow. The dude has dropped some hits for sure and he still lays below the radar. Restless is a unique project just about everything on the restless set could have been devoloped into single effect items. There is some stuff on this set that is unlike anything on the market. Theres a bunch of non card or coin stuff on it, it really will be something special.
  12. ?

    dont forget riot, or through and through either and where can i buy ticktoids by him?
  13. Looking Forward to this
  14. I was pausing the video shot by shot and so far what I saw

    A color change going from blue to red and I think I paused at a point where the card was half and half. Blue|Red
    Dan hauss/Or the spectator is holding someones wrist for some reason

    haha that's me being bored

    Haha that's it. guys are such teases

    I've been waiting for this set for a while since the guys mentioned it - After watching thru the footage I can honestly say that this is one of the best DVD sets I've seen released in a LONG time.

    Dan's known for his creativity and crazy thought patterns, unique methodology and this set delivers all that and a huge slice of practicality too.

    Just wait till this drops guys, I KNOW it's going to fly off the shelves and it certainly deserves to!!


  16. The Hershey kiss through table and the linked laces effect both look killer. Looking forward to seeing some reviews on this.
  17. He is like no other. He is a mad scientist trapped in a genius's body......

    All of that equals the finished product known as Dan" the Dizzle" Hauss....

    I love him to the point that I hate him, because he is so damn good....
  18. I had the luxury of spending a few days locked in a room with Dan and got the priveledge to see most of these and they are as amazing in person as they are on video.

    "Dan your a true ambassador of taking average effects and making them extrordinary insane"!

    Can't wait best wishes,


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