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  1. What's up everyone,

    I've been in magic for 15 years, I've seen countless torn and restored card effects. Starting with Hollingsworth's Reformation to Garcia's Torn all the way through to Wayne Houchin's Counterfeit Hollingsworth. All of them great in their own ways, however, for myself, all of them lacking certain qualities that would make them perfect for my performance style.

    Restored is the result of years of research, development, trial & error, 100s of performances and hard graft. Restored is a torn and restored card effect that happens piece by piece, with the final piece done edge by edge. Shown front and back throughout the entire routine. The moment the final edge is restored, the card is instantly handed out for them to keep. An impossible souvenir. With no gimmicks, brilliant practicality and great angles, this is the closest thing to what a torn and restored card should look like to date, without all the silly gimmicks and sticky stuff.

    See it here: Restored // Lloyd Barnes

    No Gimmicks
    No Sticky Stuff
    Extremely Practical
    Good Angles
    Shown Front and Back Throughout
    Final Piece Happens Edge by Edge
    Immediately handed out to keep. An Impossible Souvenir.
    Shot in 20 minutes of crystal clear HD

    Available NOW: Restored // Lloyd Barnes

    Any questions, please feel free to ask. And of course, no exposure. Any risque questions, please drop me a PM


  2. Looks great!
    Will probably purchase it when I get paid.
  3. Now why should I get this over Fourfeit? The both seem to be very similar.
  4. Great question!

    Well, where to start. The method are WORLDS apart. The angles on this are much better than FourFeit, especially the 1st restoation. With Restored, the card can be examined and handed out after the second restoration and final restoration. You cannot hand the card out at any point during the routine with FourFeit. With FourFeit, you have to switch the card after the final restoration, which means going back to the deck like in TnR by Mathieu Bich. With Restored, you hand the card out instantly.

    I don't own FourFeit but I own an effect, previously published by Jamie Dawes called Faultless which is the same basic method, but people on the forums are saying you have to have a gimmicked card to do some of the things with FourFeit. There are NO gimmicks needed with Restored.

    Also, with Restored, it was reviewed and researched for nearly 8 days by the guys here at Theory11 to ensure that it was correctly credited and totally original.

    Lastly, the final card is fully restored with Restored. Without exposing FourFeit, when the final piece is restored on the card, it cannot be handed out.

    I'm not giving FourFeit a bashing, just pointing out the Pros and Cons between both.

    Hope this helps :)

  5. And, as MagicAdam pointed out, Restored is cheaper :)
  6. Looks pretty good. I still have always wanted a TnR but never purchased one as of yet. I might be interested in this one. I'll probably wait until I see some reviews. Very cool though.
  7. Valid points, thank you! I'm still a little confused on how you know the method of ForFeit if you don't own it, despite owning a similar effect. If ForFeit is so much like Faultless, why is it being released as something new? Is that not just copying someone's work? I am currently working on Redemption as my Torn and Restored effect, but I might check this out later on down the road.
  8. You know how magic can be these days, if something is slightly different in handling, then it can be sold as a brand new effect. I.e. And All Will Be Consumed vs. Infusion. Same basic method, different handlings and subtleties. Each are good in their own standing, I'm just using them as an example. Same with FourFeit, it's some handling differences to an existing method that's been around for a long time.

    Good luck with the TnR you're working on man, if you do check Restored out, you'll be plain sailing :)


  9. Ok, understood. Kind of like Centrifuga, where Magik didn't invent the device, just a new way to use it.
    It looks very nice, I do have one question though, I'll PM you in case it might expose something.
  10. Just replied buddy :)

  11. i know this tread is quite old but i just wanted to know if this effect uses a duplicate

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