Resurrected v2 By Abraxas Playing Cards & Peter Turner

Dec 1, 2012
I received this prototype in exchange for a fair and honest review

In 2018 Peter Turner and Phill Smith created the 'Resurrected Deck'. The Resurrected Deck launched at Blackpool Magic Convention and was hugely popular, selling out almost instantly. Since then, the resurrected deck has become one of the most sort after decks for both Mentalists and Magicians alike, due to its mysterious design and deadly inbuilt secrets.

Years of thinking, designing and re-designing have gone in to creating a deck that looks esoteric in nature and when brought out in a performance ensures that any reservations or preconceived notions that might occur when bringing out a bog standard deck of cards instantly goes out of the window.

The Ouija design is instantly recognizable to an audience as being mysterious and part of a world that little is understood about. This deck enables you to perform incredible mentalism routines whilst leaving the guilt at the door and best of all its marked in many, many different ways.

Why back this campaign? What's special about this deck?

Fresh colour schemes and designs on the back and faces of the deck. Including custom court cards and beautifully hand drawn center pips featured on the Aces.

An intuitive marking system that can be learnt in seconds that will allow you to know the exact identity of any playing card that is selected.

OOTW (Out of this world) colour marking systems (multiple) that allow you to know the colour of any playing card with a simple glance.

Several very, very subtle one way markings that allow you to know the orientation of cards - Even in a spread.

A clever system that allows you to blindly (facedown) stack the deck into mneumonica even if you don't know that stack.

2 custom utility cards that allow you to perform a range of routines including gaining secret information about the spectator that they never know that you know. This is information that the spectator never says out loud, never writes down and you can reveal this information in fun and interesting ways - They're also marked.

A custom printed card with a link to a pdf and video tutorial that will allow you to unlock the secrets in the deck.

A seemingly innocent tuck case with a secret of its own.

NEW STOCK! Printed on Cartamundi's True linen B9 finish.

Access to Facebook 'Resurrected users group', were you can share tips, ideas and routines.

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