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  1. Hey Everybody,

    I was just wondering what all of your favorite retention vanishes are and where you learned them?

  2. what is that ?
  3. coin vanish.
  4. Justin Miller's in "Silver Dream" is a nice variation. (

    There's some classics in "In the Beginning There Were Coins" by Jay Noblezada (

    best of luck,
  5. the one taught on is the one I use the most.
  6. I do a variation on this as well.
  7. I made my own, it's probably been made before so I won't be publishing.
  8. Wow man you don't know what a retention vanish is?? :p
  9. Revolutionary Coin Magic

    I like Jay Sankeys variation on David Roths retention that was originally taught is Revolutionary Coin Magic.There is a cool upside-down retention in there to that looks super sweet.i would definitely recommend that DVD to anyone who wants to know some seriously sweet coin magic!!;)

  10. Just publish it man, you know you want some extra cash. I'm really excited to hear about this new release.
  11. I just use the classic one by David Roth, but I agree with Greg Wilson when he says that the position of the fingers is not natural. The illusion is so convincing though, it is worth justifying with patter.
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    I have actually justed switched to the variation retention pass by rubinstein. It is a lot more natural for me.

    Alright, i changed my mind. I am relearning all my retention passes because I need to find one that works best for me. the rubinsteing variation pass doesnt really give me that much of a retention so I am gonna experiment with some. Any recommendations?
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    Here's one please let me know thoughts on practicality. It is original. Very original. So please don't attempt to reverse engineer okay? If you do you have no respect.
  14. I didn't really see it going into the hand, but on the other hand, i didnt see you steal it out. good job, but this is more of a standard vanish rather than a retention pass.
  15. I guess you're right, it's more of a standard vanish. Maybe with better timing it could work out more as a retention possibly. Thanks.
  16. Do you mind if I pm you with my theory on the method. I obviously wont post it here.
  17. Alright, you guys probably think I am crazy but I changed my mind again. I am doing the retention vanish used by David Stone. Its the classic Roth one, but he has obviously added some finesse. I was doing the rubinstein variation pass, but after showing it to some people, it was more of a casual false transfer (which I use the fingertip retention for) rather than a full out retention like the stone one.
  18. No I don't mind. It was kind of a joke to say how original it is considering everything out there. But thanks for asking!
  19. Louis,

    A Renention Vanish is a sleight in coin magic where the coin appears to be openly place into your hand, you close it, and it vanishes
  20. I really, really like Apollo Robbins' Wither Vanish. It can be found in Cultural Xchange v. 1, by him and Shoot Ogawa.


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