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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Erik, May 13, 2009.

  1. Issues with the one-hand top palm:
    • The hand looks like a dead fish
    • It's no rocket-science to figure out where the card ended up, because of the previous issue
    • Difficult to get the card in position
    This 20 minute download solves all of these problems + more.

    When I saw the demo I was slightly confused as to why there was a flourish demonstrated in a video that is supposed to "show" a hidden move. Then I realized that must be the reason. How can you possibly show a move that cannot be seen and expect people to like it? The video shows part of what you get, so you won't be disappointed. WYSIWYG, baby!

    Apart from teaching several fine details on how to make the move work for anyone, Mr. Linian also shows a great-looking way of executing the palm while the deck is wrapped with a rubber band.

    He also shows how to make the move more or less non-angle sensitive, and how to milk its potential as a visual card change.

    The spotlight of this instructional video though, is Mr. Linian's way of cleaning up the one-hand top palm. Bye, dead fish! After executing the cleanup, you can show your hand empty. This is a great addition that I think many will benefit from. It's a bit of a knacky move at first, but nowhere near impossible.

    There's also a small transposition effect taught that makes me want to use the word "cute", and you can see it in the demo video (link provided at the bottom of this post).

    Like that wasn't enough, Mr. Linian teaches a bonus effect that fooled the kneecaps off of me. I'll let you watch it yourself when you've purchased the download.

    Summary: This download is worth the $10, and I can't believe how they fit all content inside without it feeling rushed. Get it.

    What? One-Hand Top Palm by Alex Linian
    More exactly?
    How much? $10
    That's cheap! Yes.

    -Erik Jansson
  2. Great review!
    I'm seriously considering buying this one... right... NOW!
  3. That jerking hand motion isn't what I'd call a natural way to palm a card... And WTF is that guy talking about in the video? "I didn't like that the one handed top palm ended with a card in my hand".

  4. In other words, he didn't like the way you ended dirty with the One-Hand Top Palm.
  5. Then why did he palm the card in the first place?
  6. Good Point, but that's something I don't know why.
  7. Been playing with this concept for a few years after Wilson showed it to me. Damn he's fast...
  8. I think maybe for some applications for the one handed top palm, you don't want to end dirty. e.g using the palm as a colour change and various transposition effects maybe?

    I agree with you about the jerking motions.
  9. I like Alex, he's an opinionated guy, knows his stuff and is good at what he does. But after looking at the preview for this, I don't think he's an authority on the OHTP.
    The jerking of the hand isn't a very subtle or graceful cover for the move. I feel that a smoother handling, much like when performing the pass, is more deceptive. When I OHTP, I barely move my hand, but the audience see's nothing. When I use it as a colour change, again, barely move my hand, but the audience is stunned.
    His cleanup is nice but unnecessary. His banded ambitious effect (originally published in Josh Jays talk about tricks comlumn, where the TP cleanup should also have been) is a nice effect but has obvious visual flaws (the bands position change being the most apparent).

    All in all, this product is NOT for me, sorry Linian.

  10. :confused:

    Maybe not my most eloquent moment. I remember seeing that for the first time and just thinking "wow".

    For those of you who are wondering, I was in fact talking about using the One-Hand TP as a color change, which is what most of the Video Download deals with. But that sentence by itself does make no sense. I would point out that there actually is a cut right in the middle of it that could maybe explain it, but tony is an excellent editor, which makes me think the original sentence might have been even worse.

    Thanks everyone who's checking out the download and thanks for your comments so far! Just to address a couple of things mentioned (besides the verbal blunder):

    - Part of the tips on the download are meant to make the OHTP easier to perform, others are for when using the Palm as a color change. The shaking motion seen on the trailer is not necessary for the palming technique to work, it is meant to be used as a small cover for the visual color change. So you dont have to worry about having to shake your hand, so violently that you might elbow a kid watching from behind, when performing something like a card to pocket.

    -The visual flaw (that Chr!s mentioned) for Banded Ambitious, that appeared in the original handling published in MAGIC, is gone in this new handling.

    Thanks again everyone, hope to hear more comments.

    Alex Linian
  11. Alex! Thanks for clearing those things up! If the visual discrepancy from Banded Ambitious is gone, I may pick the download up just for that! It's a great idea!

  12. He's talking about doing the move openly, as a change, rather than a method palming out cards.

    I don't see where you guys coming from. The shake helps conceal the move as a color change ( obviously as a palm its a totally different equation ). He worked out a method to clean up, which looks pretty neat, especially that its all one handed. I really like it, you can replace a double undercut with that.

    EDIT: Oh he responded :p

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