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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Erik, May 26, 2009.

  1. Ernesto Melero is a name I have never heard of before, but now I'll remember it. I'd like to aim a massive "thank you" to Vanishing Inc. for introducing the world to this individual.

    I saw the demo video, and the Spread Control fooled the-best-curse-word-I-can-think-of out of me. Ernesto's card magic is precise and smooth - a pleasure to watch. Damn that sentence was nicely constructed.

    Since the video had several items, I'll mini-review each of them.

    Spread Control
    This is the highlight of the video, and it's a shame it was put first. It sort of shades the other items. Oh well, the move is fantastic. It's one of those things where the method is very interesting, but it doesn't look like a move at all when executed. It's all hidden in the built-in timing.

    As a Force
    Using the Spread Control as a force is interesting. It's rare that you can execute the exact same maneuver with no changes for different purposes. A control and a force is, after all, pretty non-similar.​

    Bottom Palm
    Ernesto's refinement to the Erdnase bottom palm. The refinement is minor, but noticeable to those familiar with the move. I suggest you read Erdnase to see what Ernesto added, as it's not exactly clear in the video what his addition is otherwise.

    Stab Force
    I'll be honest and say I won't be using this one, but I like the method. It's very simple in context, but I don't get how Ernesto can execute this more or less invisibly. Perhaps it's that scary word you sometimes hear; practice.

    Simple move, and I am sure people have played around with similar ideas. It's once again Ernesto's touches that makes this into a fresh move that one can actually use.
    Estimating Joker
    This routine uses the reversal, and it has the same plot as Jennings' "Estimated Toss" [1]. You can see the routine in the demo video, and please notice the smooth touch Ernesto has. He can spin a deck on the table and make it look beautiful. How awesome is that?​

    Summary: Buy it.

    [1] Can be found in the book Up in Smoke by Bill Goodwin, and the DVD Thought on Cards, put out by L&L Publishing.

    What? Refined Card Magic by Ernesto
    More exactly?
    How much? $10

    -Erik Jansson
  2. I saw this a while ago and it looks amazing some really great magic in here and the spread control jeeez.

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