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  1. Street Hot Rod (Magic Makers)

    An over-sized and light-weight metal version of a classic trick!


    The Hot Rod is a well known classic of magic, and it's been around long enough that there are a lot of different versions of it available on the market. This particular one is a premium one made out of metal, in a larger-than-normal size, to ensure durability, visibility, and a quality and professional look.

    Many consider the Hot Rod trick well suited for "advanced beginners", which means that newcomers to magic can certainly learn it, if they are willing to learn and perfect the paddle move that is at the heart of this trick.



    This product comes in a sealed plastic bag, which includes a high quality metal hot rod, which is made out of polished light-weight yet solid aluminium. It has six brightly painted recessed circles, featuring white, yellow, blue, red, green, and black; with six red circles on the reverse.

    A cardboard insert gives instructions about how the effect works, with the majority of the explanation describing how to do the paddle move. The printed instructions also include a link to a secret page on the publisher's website that gives you free access to an online teaching video.



    First you show your spectator that your metal Hot Rod has has six colored dots on each side. Your spectator then freely selects a number from one to six, and you use this to count to a particular dot, asking them to remember its colour. Then with a simple wave, all the dots on the Hot Rod magically turn into that colour - on both sides! The original colours can be restored, although alternate ways of ending the trick are also possible.

    See a simple performance of the Hot Rod illusion by Ben Salinas, using this particular product, in a short video clip here:

    Here's an alternative video trailer, which has ridiculously high production values, and features Rob Stiff demonstrating the effect.


    While you can certainly learn this trick from the printed materials provided, the paddle move really is best learned visually, so I really appreciated the fact that besides the step-by-step written instructions you also get access to online video teaching. A couple of different camera angles are used, with an over-the-head shot used for most of the video, which ensures that everything can be followed very clearly.

    The explanation video is eight minutes long and has Rob explaining the two main elements of the routine, namely the force and the paddle move, including tips for how to master the paddle move, and different ways to approach it. He also offers several suggestions for different ways to end the routine, including a method where you can allow spectators to examine it.



    This trick really isn't very difficult to do, and so there's good reason it has remained a popular favourite in the magic industry. In terms of the skills required to do it, there is a simple force that is used, and you'll need to be very familiar with the six outcomes so that you can produce the result you need easily and naturally.

    The most important thing to be mastered, however, is the paddle move, and while it's not difficult, it shouldn't be rushed into performance either. But this trick is certainly an excellent introduction to this concept, and for most people this move will be relatively easy to learn. From that point it's just a matter of being totally comfortable with both the force and the paddle move, so that you can focus on making the presentation interesting.



    Don't let the simplicity of this trick deceive you into underestimating its impact. Especially when seen close-up for the first time, it can really generate astonishment. And because it's not inherently difficult, it's ideal for beginner magicians, while still remaining an evergreen classic that the experienced magician can still use as well. The video instructions do a good job of explaining everything, and also emphasize the importance of mastering the paddle move before performing.

    The larger-than-normal size of the Hot Rod is nice, because it ensures that the colours can easily be seen, and it is an attractive and quality metal product that conveys professionalism.

    Good presentation, plus mastering the technical aspect of the performance, are essential as always. But when done well, this simple trick really does have the potential to amaze. With the Street Hot Rod, you'll get everything you need to get you on your way to achieving that!


    Want to learn more? See:
    - Publisher's page
    - Amazon
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  2. I have this and use it for strolling. Nice lil routine that takes up very little pocket space.
  3. I almost bought this when I was in Vegas. The shop owner had a pretty awesome routine that left it very tempting. However I stuck with what I went in for.. more IET and the Fire Wallet.
  4. Just goes to show that good magic is often about presentation. The old classics can turn into gold in the hands of someone with a good routine and good performance.

    Do you remember anything specifically about the particular routine you saw?
  5. Omg... the video... How hard do you have to try to sell a hot rod? It's a hot rod people! I laughed so hard at the video that I fell out of my chair.

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