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  1. TITLE and Creator: The Pandora System By Shane Black

    Effect: You display a Blue deck of cards, you have someone select a card. They sign their name across the card, stick in the middle, and you hand them the cards to shuffle. You pull out a Red deck of cards. It’s SEALED and wrapped in CELLOPHANE. You tear the cellophane off the pack and they break the seal. They take the cards out of the box and never let go of them. After a few magical gestures you show that the card has vanished from the blue deck. You ask the person what their card was. You tell the person holding the brand new sealed deck to start to spread the cards face up. They notice that the cards are in numerical order because it’s a new deck, you tell them to go to where there card would be. Say the card is the two of diamonds, they spread to where the two of diamonds would be. There is a face down blue card in the entire red deck. They pull the card out themselves, it is the SIGNED selected card. Everything at this point is examinable.

    Video Quality:
    10/10 Umm….. Two words… Paper Crane…

    Price: 75$ (And well worth it)

    Teaching: 10/10 The teaching is amazing. It is a very detailed DVD for a rather simple effect. He goes over everything at a pace where you really don’t need to watch twice unless you get distracted while making the gimmick and you may have to go back once or twice. (That’s it, its really good teaching.)

    Quality of materials:
    10/10 What you get is the highest quality of materials. The gimmick you get is made out of high quality metals, and is built to last. If you do manage to damage it he covers how to fix it. He also goes over how to make the gimmick that you have to make. He spends a lot of time on this making sure you know what you are doing.

    8/10 When they say “If you can control a card you can do this trick”. They aren’t being totally honest. You can do the simple version and yes all you need to know is a simple card control, but if you want to do the awesome looks very clean with no funny moves version you are going to need to know a classic sleight that I’m sure many of you know. It’s fairly easy.

    Applications: 9/10 This effect has an amazing array of applications. It can do the effect they advertise (Signed card to sealed box), it can also do a completely inspect able brainwave deck, invisible deck and a lot of other things that are all completely inspectable.

    Overall Rating: 9.5/10 This is a great trick, it gets awesome reactions, and is well worth the money. Don’t worry if the price seems like a lot to you. It is more than worth it. Shane has been working on this for five years and it really shows. I highly recommend this, it is just an awesome trick.

    It's available for Pre-Order here:
  2. Do you Have clothes restriction? If yes what you can wear?

  3. Sorry that I forgot to include that... You can wear a jacket or a hoodie with connected pockets.
  4. I own the "extractor" gimmick and love it! It can accomplish an effect identical to this however maybe not as clean, but to the spectator, it doesnt matter. It can also be used for numerous other effects and to increase the impossiblity of many other card tricks I already do. How does Pandora compare in practicality and diversity? They both cost $75 so im wondering which is better?
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    Hey KrazyKards,

    I appreciate your questions and unfortunatley I can't explain much to you for a few reasons due to exposure and my knowledge of the Extractor but I'll see what I can do for you. I spoke with Peter Nardi about the Extractor and the Extractor is a great gimmick but my system allows for so many other effects to be accomplished and should not go under looked for that reason. You can wear the system where it's completley out of the way throughout the entire evening with no worries of shifting indexed cards as well as having lost pocket space. This system allows you to pretty much accomplish anything your mind can imagine as far as placing a card into a deck with complete assurance of ease.


  6. Ships Out Today! So if you pre-ordered it you can now begin repetitively checking your mailboxes each day.
  7. Thats right guys The Pandora Systems are ready to go as we speak so join the Pandora community and get the Pandora Quarterly with community ideas and discounted Papercrane magic I look forward to seeing some of those creative juices flowing from you guys. Cheers!

  8. No but you can achieve the same outcome but with a signed, sealed, and numerical consistecy without the stooges. Looks this good with little effort and gets the same reactions, Shane has been using the sealed version as his stage opener for over five years now and its always set the tone and gotten great interaction from his audience as well as reactions.
  9. Does the dvd teach us how to make the gimmick or it already comes in the package
  10. It comes already manufactured whenyou buy it.

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