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  1. So, I literally stumbled onto Theory11 due to the NPH playing cards, and I found so much more...

    I burned through tons of decks of plain old Bicycle's practicing cardistry. My fans, folds, shuffles, springs, the works. I also picked up a few slight-of-hand maneuvers that REALLY dressed things up a bit. I even went as far as studying Jesse Eisenberg's opening cardistry from "Now You See Me". Admittedly, I don't have it perfected yet, but I am darn well close.

    I felt I needed something better to use. Standard Bicycle cards are noticeably heavier and less-durable. I said, "Why not?". I got a deck of Black Tycoon's, the NPH deck, a deck of Nationals, and a Theory11 shirt.

    I opened my Tycoons first. They were significantly thinner that standard Bicycle cards, and so intricate and delicate. The were lighter, yet much more durable as well. They feel amazing, and I even had to dial-back on my hand strength a little bit! They were excellent for show, and the complex patterns and 'flash' of the deck really caught people's eyes. Made the moment more magical I think!

    Next, the NPH deck. Quite simply, exquisite. The feel, the look, reminded me of AHS: Hotel a little bit with the design factor. The tuck was definitely a good show piece. Again, intricate like the Tycoon deck, but not too much, and not too little. I prefer the heavier tuck of the Tycoons, but that is just personal preference. I am also proud and feel rewarded to say that I solved the 'mystery' with the deck. Frustrating at first, but once you figure it out, you just couldn't stop!

    Lastly, the Nationals deck. Every card feels like it has it's own oily air cushion - almost no friction. Every movement is fluid and easy, and really puts on a good show for crowds. The tuck is also very beautiful and compliments every aspect of the artistry on the cards themselves.

    Theory11 - superb, classy, elegant, high-quality products and worth every penny for the wonder, amazement, and awe that you draw out of people! As long as you folks stay around, I know you have at least one patron!

    Think I might be getting a few more Nationals decks and people rave about the Monarchs! Question is...what will Theory11 have for us next?

    Until Next Time...

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  2. Welcome! I'm glad to see you've joined our little group here on T11! I personally have no idea what T11's next big thing will be, but I'm as excited as you. I can also vouch for the fact that Monarchs are some amazing cards to play around with - I really enjoy mine. The different colors have different feels for me too - so if you're willing to invest, I'd say it's definitely worth it.
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  3. First off, Welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy our community here!

    As for what's next, TXI make new content all the time, and already have a huge library you can dive into. In fact, Blake Vogt is releasing a great trick, working with Dan White. It'll drop Friday at 11 am est! Follow them on twitter, they post regularly about these updates.

    Further more, the Market/Marketplace/Wire is a great place to check out new content. Community members upload and distribute their own tricks (some are free, some need to be bought, but almost all are very cost effective), and people post there all the time! You should definitely check out some effects.
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  4. Thank you for the warm welcomes and tips!
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