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  1. Distortion

    The quality of the DVD itself and the gimmick are amazing. You can tell somebody put a lot of hard work into making this project a success. The actual DVD box is very nice to look at, but the DVD is even nicer. Wayne does a great job showing you plenty of performances, some of which are very funny, and I was laughing by the time the explanation came around. Wayne fully explains the trick step by step, and shows you all of the small things you can do to extend the life of your gimmick.

    This is not an original idea, but T11 has greatly improved the handling and made it something to be proud of. The DVD also has two extra effects: Visually Yours by Michael Ammar and Dana Hocking's aptly named Visual Distortion. Visually Yours is he effect that started it all, and what I love is that it adds variety to your performance, allowing you to still use the gimmick, but in a different effect. Visual Distortion is more of Distortion with a twist: the spectator signs the card. I really like this version and I will be using it a lot.


    I have heard that these cards tend to clump, but so far I have been using them for probably about 4 hours straight and they still haven't clumped. It's not the best deck for fanning, but they are great for doing tricks and simple XCM. The finish it very slippery, so they tend to be difficult to do advanced XCM with, as they just slide all over the place. The actual cards are very well made. The red are more of a crimson, and all of the yellows are now silver. The backs look really nice, and if you didn't have the box you would never think that they were bikes. The box has a very nice finish to it, giving you better grip on the case so that it doesn't get dropped. The t11 team included a double backer with the cards, which was a great add-on for me because I've been looking for one of those. Overall, this deck is great for doing tricks with and will definately get the attention you deserve while using these.


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