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  1. I will do a series of reviews for the 3 products in which I ordered to let the community know of my opinion, positive or negative.


    The gimmick is quite ingenious and very easy to use. As soon as I opened it, I knew how to use it and when you order the gimmick, and open it at first you'll be amazed by the simplicity yet, ingenious in it.

    Grade: A

    The teaching on the DVD is very well done props to Mr.Fisher. Everything he went through was crystal clear and I had no problems with the handling (although it does take some getting hang of). He describes it as "The perfect close-up trick." And if you do it properly with the correct patter it really can be.

    Grade: A

    A great DVD, a great gimmick, and overall great product. I recommend this for any card performer who wants a great opener or just a walk-up on the street kind of trick, which gets amazing reactions (I would know :p).

    Grade: A

    Questions & Answers
    Q:Can it be done with any other cards
    A:Nope sorry, you can incorporate other cards into the performance though

    Q:Is it angle-sensitive?
    A:Not really, just control your crowd more to the centre of your body, try not to get too many people on the side of you (left or right) and HOLD THE CARDS AS INSTRUCTED!

    Q:Is the gimmick sturdy (Will it last long)?
    A:Yes it will last a fairly long time, unless you decide you don't want it to last, lol.

    Q:Would you recommend for others to buy this?
    A:Absolutely, I would use it as an opener (personally) but, I'm sure any magician can incorporate this into their routine


    When you first open this you'll look at it and basically not want to mess around with it. It is very delicate but, yet very creative. It's nothing what I thought it would be. It is though rather difficult to handle at times and you will need a lot of practice to perfect it.

    Grade: B+

    This DVD is amazing. Crystal clear, in EVERY aspect. Sound, Editing, Camera Quality, Camera Angles are all very well done. You'll enjoy the performances by Wayne as well, they're very entertaining and can give you a great idea in which to strive for. There is 3 ways in which to perform this, one is hidden and I suggest to watch it since it is my personal favourite.

    Grade: A+

    If you want a very stunning, visual effect which will leave your audiences jaw dropped then you'd want Distortion. Before performing though you must practice if you don't then it won't go well. But, you will have no problems due to the amazing quality of the DVD.

    Grade: A

    Questions & Answers
    Q:Will this gimmick last a long time?
    A:If you take care of it properly and be gentle with it, it comes with a protector and I advise you to use it. There is a chance it can break so also be careful.

    Q:What colour back does it come in (the gimmick)?
    A:It can come in either red or blue. I got a blue backed which doesn't work well with me due to the fact I perfer to use red backed decks with gaff tricks etc. The first 300 got a random back but, in the future I'm sure you'll be able to choose. And if you break it to be able to get a cheap replacement if you've already ordered it.

    Q:What card does the gimmick come as?
    A:I cannot say since you can't explain it without giving away the secret of the trick.

    Bicycle Guardians

    These cards are my favourite looking cards. The backs are a very sleek re-design of the classic rider back. The angels are so detailed it's rather stunning. No design has been taken to the level in which the backs or the box front has for that matter. The ace of spades isn't my absolute favourite but, is right up there. The detail of the wings is intricate and it really looks like different layers. The Jokers are also a nice added touch since the design is just beautiful and adds a more powerful feel. Lastly, the colours are now darker and add just another great addition to the cards. The red's and blue's are now a couple of shades darker and it's very noticeable. My favourite card is the King of Hearts if you get a chance just looks at the colours and you can tell the difference, it's very incredible.

    Grade: A+

    When I first opened these cards they fanned and ribbon-spread like butter. Moves were easy to do with the lighter and thinner paper stock and just felt like a feather in your hand. Yet, after 5 days or so with not too much extensive use, they started to clump alot. Today I couldn't get a proper fan and my ribbon-spread is filled with gaps. If you leave it in a cool environment for about half an hour for an hour or so they will be fine for about half an hour of use before clumping again. I'm rather torn down the middle about these but, I hope the second edition is a lot better since the finish and feel didn't come close to the Masters or Custom Decks.

    Grade: C+

    The design really makes up for the feel of the cards. I use them just to show them off so if it wasn't for that I would be back to normal bikes and Masters. I'm looking forward to the second edition and hope they've made the improvements they've promised.

    Grade: B

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