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  1. I just wanna throw this out there: I'm not too keen on the fact that people who don't purchase the effects can just randomly "Leave a review". Some people base stuff off the trailer and make assumptions. Others have their friends go on under assumed names (or the performer themselves) and leave positive reviews. I think a registration process or only the people who actually buy the effects should be able to comment on it.

  2. You are indeed right bizzaro, i agree.
  3. I made a similar post about this issue a while ago. Right now, you just have to use your own judgement and not only base a decision on what you read.
  4. I just hunted down yer post. I agree that, if anything, it should be called "Comments' and not "Reviews".
  5. Comments vs reviews would be a wise change.
  6. Definitly Comments!!! What deck is Chris Mayhew useing in The Hole Thing by the way?????
  7. Dr. Leons

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