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  1. hi

    i'm kind of new to the cardistry scene and i recently ordered dangerous

    i heard that a lot of the tricks use or are variations of the revolution cut so i was just wondering whether the revolution cut is taught on the dvd?

    if not where is a good place to learn it?

    thanks in advance

  2. Hey mate, welcome to Cardistry and Theory11!

    Yeah, Dangerous: Motion has a few flourishes (Flourishers will call their moves flourishes rather than tricks, incidentally) based on the Revolution Cut. The DVD does not teach the Revolution cut... It's taught on a few DVDs, but I'm sure you don't particularly want to buy a completely new DVD again just for it... Trilogy Disc 3 has it I believe.. Honestly, it's a pretty easy cut though so it might be better to just have a look around and try and follow it.

    Good to see another Sydney flourisher :)
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    thanks for that

    i'm planning to get the trilogy, but being the impatient person that i am i looked up a tutorial on the internet and i've got the basics down, i just need to speed it up, so it might look slightly impressive. So when i get the trilogy i'll probably realise i learnt a wrong version from youtube (dastardly youtube) and have to relearn it, but thats all part of the process i suppose

    good to see a fellow sydneysider who actually is interested in cards. (where i live im totally alone (but hey its good to be different))

  4. Whereabouts in Sydney are you mate? We've got a group of magicians/flourishers who meet up regularly (usually once a fortnight, there's a month gap at the moment due to HSC and Uni exams). PM if you want, I'll give you some details (and we can get that Revolution sorted in person too :p).
  5. Sorry to but in but what is HSC?
  6. My equivalent of Finals at the end of 12th Grade.
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    cards eh?

    that sounds great but there is the thing in the back of my mind about meeting people over the internet. like you sound like a great guy and all but i am only fifteen, not y12 or uni or nothing. so i can just imagine having the conversation with my parents ('mum and dad i met this guy on the internet and he wants to meet me at his house and play with my cards" "cards eh?")

    apart from that i would find that great to get a few tips from someone who isn't in a screen

    but if you wanted to know i'm in the shire (thats so general it doesn't matter if anyone else reads it)

    oh and good luck with the HSC...or uni exams, whichever one you're dealing with

    PM me so we can continue this conversation if you want

  8. Another Sydneyer?
    We really should start a club or something.
  9. Sorry to double post, but I've met these Sydney guys, they're a good bunch.
    If you wanna meet up to learn stuff we can organise something.
  10. Thanks man - I've PM'd Church about things, now we have to get you to come to the next one too! :D I'll get you on MSN when I don't have an HSC exam tomorrow lol.

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