Rewind : a new take on the timeless T&R effect

Sep 12, 2007
Normandy, FRANCE
Hey guys !

I just checked this vid :

Now, I know the effect is anything but new, but the restauration sequence seems very clean (especially the last one, with the piece inside the mouth !), nothing is hidden in the hands and it's said to be really easy to do. So what do you guys think of this zillionth T&R effect ? I personnally think it can't hurt to be able to switch methods once in a while...
Sep 1, 2007
Wow, the restoration is soooo clean! It's what t&r effects should look like, with each restoration looking successively more difficult and magical. The only drawback is the "first move" and "last move". For those trained eyes, you know what I mean. Some scripting could probably help cover the moves. There always seems to be some sort of tradeoff with these effects, but this is indeed a nice restoration.
Jun 20, 2009
near paris
rewind fast review

hi, i have rewind, it's a good trick ,easy but i think it's good for noisy environnement, cause of the gimmick, and the weakest point is, it's paradoxal , the tearing part.
i love the torn and restored plot, but at the end i always think that the best versions are always whitout gimmick
Guy Holllingworth "reformation" it's not that hard and there is no gimmick, so ...
if you want a very clean version a la Copperfield "torn assunder" go for it, if you want a sleight of hand version take Guy Hollingworth reformation
french magician
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